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Gruene Hall

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The history of Texas runs deep, starting with its declaration of independence from Mexico back in 1836, and we Texans are proud of our independent spirit, our determination, and our ability to enjoy the fruits of all our hard labors, as shown by a visit to Gruene Hall, the oldest continually running dance hall in the state! Located at 1281 Gruene Road in New Braunfels, (40 miles south of Dripping Springs) today Gruene Hall is a live music venue with a history that makes it more interesting than your standard music venues, and even though Austin has its own awesome selection of venues, if you are looking for a night of good music, fun, and perhaps the opportunity to hear the ghostly echoes of concerts past, Gruene Hall Texas is the first place you should explore!

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Gruene Hall Was Built in 1874

Built just 29 years after Texas became a state, Gruene Hall has been the center of excitement for New Braunfels and the surrounding areas for over 140 years, and if you missed out on your chance to join the party during your stay in Dripping Springs, we are pretty sure you would regret it forever. Not much has changed in this old building; the dance floor is still the most popular spot, the sides open for fresh breezes and outdoor dances, and the music is guaranteed to keep you on your feet. Original wood flooring, advertising signs from the 30s and 40s, and walls of photos document the superstars that have either played here or joined in the party on the dance floor, and if you listen hard enough, the echoes of music that goes all the way back to its opening days in the 19th century can be heard. Yesterday’s up and comings have mostly played here, becoming the stars you follow faithfully, and who knows? Your spin on the dance floor may be to the music played by tomorrow’s superstars! Speaking of superstars, over the years Gruene Hall Texas has welcomed some of the biggest, including Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Garth Brooks, and LeAnn Rimes. And if you walk inside thinking something looks familiar, it could be a memory from your previous life, but it is more likely that you recognize your surroundings from the movie Michael, starring John Travolta and Andie McDowell, as Gruene Hall was used as a set for the movie!

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Your feet will still be tapping to the tunes you were listening to the entire night as you step back inside your I Love Dripping Springs escape. Kick off your shoes, slip into your comfy clothes, and dance a little longer in your home away from home. Reserve your favorite today!