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Jacob’s Well

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The natural beauty of the Dripping Springs area landscape is just one very convincing reason that travelers from all over the world include us in their vacation journeys, and Jacob’s Well, located in nearby Wimberley off 1699 Mt. Sharp Road, is one perfect example. Located just about 20 minutes away from your comfortable and luxurious I Love Dripping Springs Texas escape, the perennial karstic spring adds a serene and tranquil charm to your getaway, only made greater when coming home to your vacation abode. This guide to everything that makes Jacob’s Well a must-see during your Texas sojourn will encourage you to spend at least a few hours of your stay examining its charms, and if you are visiting after April 30th, don’t forget your swimsuit!

Enjoy a Spring Stay in Dripping Springs!

Jacob’s Well Open 8 AM until 6 PM Daily (Closed on Major Holidays)

From October 1st through April 30th, the swimming portion of your visit to Jacob’s Well Texas is a non-issue; they simply do not allow swimming during this time, as these months are dedicated to ensuring that our wildlife continues to have a place to live. That doesn’t mean you should skip out on the well altogether, though, as hiking trails are still open (during the hotter months it is recommended doing your hiking between 8 AM and 10 AM to avoid the heat) and the rustic charm of the Jacob’s Well Natural Area is destined to bring a quiet peace to your soul. Pack a picnic to enjoy during your hike among the many trails (just remember to leave the alcohol at home, this park is alcohol free, so save that Dripping Springs bottle of wine to enjoy on the back porch of your sanctuary!) and keep your camera or cell phone handy, as the views along this scenic stretch of land are life changing and deserve to be memorialized in pictures!

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Reserve Your Swimming Time Now

From May 1st through September 30th, the thrills of exploring the ancient beauty of Jacob’s Well Texas are increased by the opportunity to swim in clear artesian spring waters for a small fee and a reservation made here. The well itself offers the second largest fully submerged cave in the state and runs as deep as 140 feet and has been around for centuries, serving as a water source for the Native Americans who once made their home in this region. Staying a constant 68 degrees as the summer heat begins to amp up and the humidity rises, there is no better way to stay cool than with a swim in these spring waters!

Come Home to I Love Dripping Springs

Every adventure you experience in Texas will be that much sweeter when you come home to I Love Dripping Springs. Reserve your favorite today!