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Sol’stice Gardens

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There is already so much to see and experience during your Dripping Springs getaway, you may be wondering why we continually add more to your list, but we can’t help it. I Love Dripping Springs is more than our name, it is the genuine emotion we feel about what we consider our piece of paradise, and there is nothing more we love to do than share our Texas town with pretty much everyone we meet. So, today, we want to take our guests on a tour of Sol’stice Gardens (also known as Solstice Outdoors), a local garden center that offers an enchanting glance into the artistic and natural side of Dripping Springs, as well as offering another fun opportunity to pick up gifts for those who weren’t fortunate enough to join you on your vacation of a lifetime.

Sol’stice Gardens is Located at 4230 US 290, Open Every Day of the Week at Various Times

Technically, you could consider Sol’stice Gardens a garden center, offering a nursery filled with plants, flowers, bushes, and trees, but the reality of this beautiful establishment is that it is so much more than that. Started by a local man with a passion for art and nature and a desire to leave the corporate world, the nursery part of this business may bring you pleasure, but it is the sculptures that fill the landscape surrounding the structure that will make you fall in love. Changing regularly, the one constant is the longhorn carved from teakwood that greets guests, but beyond that, you never know what you may find lounging in the yards. A series of wood stemmed, glass topped mushrooms sprouting from the grass, a metal sun hanging from a tree, a Cheshire cat created from a segment of a tree trunk? All of these unusual art pieces can be found just hanging around the business, waiting to be delivered to their new home.

A Little Too Big to Pack in Your Carryon?

You are destined to fall in love with the artwork in the yard of Sol’stice Gardens Dripping Springs, and you will be able to make arrangements to ship the larger pieces home, but the gift shop inside offers a more manageable way to shop, offering smaller art pieces crafted by local artisans: hand-woven coasters, carved wood bowls polished to a warm glow, colorful glass pieces—the list goes on and on.

Bring Your Treasures Back to I Love Dripping Springs

Every adventure deserves a happy ending, and every day with us will bring you all the happiness you deserve. Reserve your favorite Texas sanctuary today!