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Wimberley Zipline

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Deep in the heart of Texas you will find an abundance of incredible activities. Dripping Springs does not hold back with outdoor attractions to keep you having fun such as Wimberley Zipline. This local outdoor company will take you high up into the treetops so you can see all of Wimberley Valley on thrilling zip lines. Take a look at all the fun that Wimberley Zipline will show you:

10 Lines of High-Flying Action

Wimberley Zipline does not hold back when it comes to high-flying ziplines to enjoy. While some zip line companies may only feature two or three lines, Wimberley Zipline has an outstanding 10 different lines! Each tour will take you across each line as you are anywhere around 100 feet off the ground. Each zip line can range anywhere from 150 feet all the way up to 900 feet in length. For the unaware, a zip line is a contraption where you shoot off on a rope line high up in the trees. Zipline rides are an adrenaline rush and will allow you to see Wimberley Valley from a whole new perspective. The 10-line tour offered by Wimberley Zipline will take approximately up to two hours to complete.

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First Step – Flight School

Most of the visitors at Wimberley Zipline do not have prior experience. The trained guides will make sure you are ready with their “flight school” that will show you the ropes and how all of the safety gear works. After your fitting, you will be ready to set off through the treetops on your thrilling zipline adventure.

Finding Wimberley Zipline

Now that you know a little more about zip lines, it is time to prepare yourself for the journey. Guests will find Wimberley Zipline at 376 Winn Valley Dr. in Wimberley, TX. Due to safety protocols put in place for COVID-19, all guests must have a reservation in advance. You can reserve your spot by calling 512-847-9990 or by visiting them online at wimberleyzipline.com. Wimberley Zipline is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for high-flying adventures.

Dripping Springs is Waiting

All of the fun in Wimberley Valley is just a short drive away from our vacation rentals found in Dripping Springs. Reserve your vacation rental today to escape the ordinary and find a pleasant vacation waiting for you here in Central Texas.