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Interesting Facts About Dripping Springs Texas

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When you are traveling to an area you have never explored before, there are always a few things you discover that may change the way you look at the place forevermore and quite possibly can make the region your newest obsession. When you travel to Dripping Springs for the first time, there are a few items of interest that are guaranteed to make our Hill Country town your happy place, one that you will come back to time and time again! This guide to the most interesting facts about Dripping Springs has all the answers you need and a few surprises you won’t ever forget.

Your New Life


When he or she finally pops the big question, you may want to consider Dripping Springs as your wedding destination, as our country town is actually known as the Wedding Capital of Texas! Start your planning with an end of February trip and a visit to the Dripping Springs Bridal Expo, where you will find everything you need to make your day special, and then come back again for the big day! Offering over 30 venues and a variety of photographers, bakers, caterers, and florists, your wedding dreams will come true when you choose our town for the best day of your life.


The Stars Shine Brighter


As big cities grow more congested, adding skyscrapers and parking lots and 10 more fast food restaurants every day, the stars you used to wish upon as a child grow dimmer and seem to disappear. Light pollution is the culprit, but not in Dripping Springs, as we are a Dark Sky Community, dedicated to letting the stars shine. When you step out onto the deck of your I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuary every night, staring up at the huge sky lit up with the twinkling of a billion stars, the wishes you make on the stars are practically guaranteed to come true!


The Barber Shop Means Something Different Here


Yes, there are barber shops in town where you can get your hair cut, shave, and local gossip, but THE Barber Shop is completely different; it’s a brewpub serving cold drinks and hot music! Located in a building that was originally the local barber, much of the décor is actually what you expect from its name, but don’t worry, the beer you drink here is not served in shaving mugs, and you won’t be expected to wear the giant chair cloth designed to keep hair off your clothes!

I Love Dripping Springs Is the Only Choice


There’s no secret here, I Love Dripping Springs offers the only homes you will want to stay in during your Texas travels. Reserve your favorite today!