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The Adventurous History of Dripping Springs TX

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The beauty of this town is not just found in the stunning landscape, charming shops, and the lush comfort of our I Love Dripping Springs vacation homes; it also lies in the history of Dripping Springs TX, a town that came to be due to a sense of adventure, strong friendship, and three unique families whose love for each other created a town filled with love. Mississippi is where the Pound, Wallace, and Moss families started the journey that would change the history of Texas, and in the first month of 1854, the town of Dripping Springs was born! This brief guide to a town that was built on family, friendship, and love will give you a better understanding of the place you chose for your vacation destination and perhaps give you a deeper love for it as well.


A Journey of Just a Few Months


Today we may find it difficult to imagine throwing everything we own in a wagon and taking a journey through strange lands, sleeping out on the grass at night and keeping an eye out for hostile people throughout the ride, but Dripping Springs’ founding fathers did not hesitate to give it a try, and when they reached a spot just about 30 miles from the capital of the Texas frontier, they knew they had found their home. John Moss opened the first post office, a key requirement for any new town, and his wife Indiana (known as Nannie to all her friends and family) named the new community. Dr. Joseph McKegg Pound built his home and farm with his lovely wife Sarah and became the first doctor in the community. The Dr. Pound Farmstead Historical Museum is still standing today, serving as a heartfelt reminder of all we owe to those brave families who risked it all and began a community that stands for everything that is great about our nation. The third family that crossed the country with the Pounds and the Mosses, John Wallace and his wife Sarah, (who just happened to be Nannie’s sister) may not have started a post office or tended to the ill, but he, his wife, and his children helped build the community that we all love today!


For the Love of Dripping Springs


Our town isn’t home to giant amusement parks or famous landmarks, but it still retains the love, charm, and family values that the original settlers imparted on it, and our I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuaries continue the tradition. Reserve your favorite today!