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Top 5 Late Night Hangout Spots

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Like the bats that fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge every evening at sunset, many travelers only come fully awake when the skies darken and the moon comes out to play. Mornings start closer to noon for the night owls in your life, and the fun only ends when the sky starts to lighten and the first shades of pink and gold become apparent. If you or someone you love in your travel party come to life when the sun sinks down below the horizon, this guide to the top five late night hangout spots will ensure that your Texas escape will be one you will never forget!

Home Slice, 1415 S Congress Avenue and 501 E 53rd Street in Austin

When those pesky lights come on at the end of a hard night of partying and enjoying the Texas nightlife, you won’t have to immediately grab an Uber and head home to sleep. Home Slice offers gooey slices of your favorite pie and is open until 3 AM on the weekends! Open in two locations across Austin, the NY style pizzas served here are built to handle even the largest appetites and can be ordered by the slice or by the entire pie. Be sure to take a few minutes to check out the items in their shop, which include our favorite tees emblazoned with the phrase, “What’s up, Home Slice?”

24 Diner, 600 N. Lamar Boulevard #200 in Austin

Many of us grew up watching shows like Seinfeld and Friends, where a group of friends spent way too much time hanging out at the local diner or coffee shop, and although we know that is not realistic, you can enjoy a similar experience at the 24 Diner. Open 24 hours (as you probably expected from the name!) and serving the simple comfort foods that make life after midnight all the better, hanging out in the leather banquettes, sipping coffee and gnawing on egg dishes anytime of the day or night is bound to be one of your favorite memories when you look back on your Texas adventures.

Little Lucy’s, 75 1/2 Rainey Street in Austin

The sweet tooth must always be served and when you have finished your night’s carousing, a visit to Little Lucy’s for a taste of their mini donuts promises to be the perfect way to end your night! Not quite a food truck, more like a food trailer that is permanently located behind a blue bungalow on Rainey Street, Lucy’s donuts are a local tradition, coming in a variety of ever changing flavors for those enjoying nightlife in Texas! Bite sized and exploding with flavor, grab a bag or two to take home for breakfast, but be sure to enjoy them fresh from the Pepto Bismol pink food truck as well!

Kerby Lane Café South Lamar, 3003 S Lamar Boulevard in Austin

Now we don’t often recommend chain restaurants, but Kerby Lane Café is a Texas tradition, so we knew right away it deserved a spot on our top five list! And while not all locations are open 24 hours, the one on South Lamar IS and is known for serving the best pancakes and queso around. (Obviously not meant to be eaten together!) Hang out in cafeteria style chairs enjoying the food and coffee as you talk about all the fun you have had during your stay in Dripping Springs, or if conversation gets to be too much, just sit and watch the action that surrounds you. Kerby Lane Café is one of the best people watching spots in the state, especially after the bars close!

Enjoy the Texas Nightlife at Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub, 2316 Webberville Road in Austin

What happens when you are not quite ready to call it quits on the drinking but you REALLY need something to eat? Well, if you choose Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub for your drinking location, you simply order up a meal! Offering a kitchen that stays open until 10 PM, you can chow down on amazing sandwiches, including our favorite called the Last Supper. Made with grilled sirloin steak, bacon, queso, (Everything in Texas tastes better with queso!) sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, shaved onion, and served on a hoagie roll, the Last Supper pretty much covers all the major food groups and will conquer even the largest of appetites! Got a hankering for something sweet and you don’t think you have it in you to make it to Rainey Street and Little Lucy’s food truck? Gourmand’s Misty Morning Bakery Cookies come in a variety of flavors, so appease the sweet tooth gods and order a couple!

Hear That?

Perhaps your favorite late night hangout spot will be your I Love Dripping Springs Texas sanctuary! Offering peace, quiet, and all the little luxuries that make life grand, our homes are destined to be your favorite part of your vacation after you’re done enjoying nightlife in Texas. Reserve yours today!