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Top 5 Local Only Restaurants

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The joys of vacationing are numerous as you explore new places, relax, recharge, forget about work, and sample the tastes that make the region you are visiting so special. That last part is our favorite, especially when the food we are enjoying is a local restaurant that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Your upcoming Dripping Springs adventure is bound to be amazing on so many levels when you start and end your trip with all the comforts found inside our I Love Dripping Springs luxurious properties and fill in the middle parts with adventures and excitement, by enjoying Dripping Springs dining at these top five local only restaurants!

Rolling in Thyme and Dough, 333 US-290

You will never underestimate the power of a sandwich again after sampling the dishes offered at our number five spot, a local favorite that specializes in tasty foods that are fresh, handmade, and locally sourced whenever possible. Serving breakfast and lunch, their Smokey Chipotle Open-Face Breakfast Sandwich made with egg, Swiss cheese, turkey bacon, and chipotle on a panini is a breakfast treat you will crave! All their sandwiches are created with farm fresh ingredients, and if you want to taste comfort on bread, you have to try their Meatloaf Sandwich, made with meatloaf, chipotle sauce, and Havarti cheese.

Railroad Bar-B-Que, 1111 US-290 #3818

Rolling in at number four on our list of yum, you had to expect at least one barbecue spot on the list, and that one is Railroad Bar-B-Que. Open every day of the week and serving some of the juiciest, tastiest, and most flavorful barbecue dishes, the simple country décor allows the food to be the star of the show. Delivered to your table on bright yellow cafeteria trays, the meat is slow cooked and mesquite smoked and the side dishes taste as if they came straight from your own grandma’s kitchen! Order a plate with your choice of one, two, or three meats (pick from beef brisket, smoked sausage, pork ribs, turkey breast, chicken, or pints of chop) and order your choice of two sides. You will love every bite you take at Railroad Bar-B-Que, but you will kick yourself if you don’t choose their mac-n-cheese as a side!

Route 12 Filling Station, 1560 Ranch Road 12 #214

No, we did not suddenly become confused when choosing our number three local hot spot; the Route 12 Filling Station fills your stomach with some of the most delicious foods you have ever enjoyed in your lifetime! Designed to look like a gas station in the country, its outdoor playground and picnic benches will make it your children’s first choice, but it is their food that will have you coming back as often as you can. Offering everything from shrimp and crawfish fondue (an appetizer) to chicken fried steak (a dinner entree) and chocolate brownies that will change your life, this all-American restaurant has definitely earned its spot on our top five list of the best in Dripping Springs dining!

Bell Springs Winery & Brewery, 3700 Bell Springs Road

The competition is tough in Dripping Springs, and as we move closer to the number one spot, number two may end up being a surprise to all who read this, but once you taste the meals served at Bell Springs Winery & Brewery, you will definitely understand! First off, there is the wine—smooth, silky, and sweet wines made from grapes grown right here in the Texas High Plains region, tasting so wonderful you will be thrilled to learn they have an online shop so you can enjoy it whenever you want! But it is the onsite food truck that makes this winery and brewery one of our favorites. Creating a menu that is made from scratch upon receipt of your order ensures that the food you taste is hot and fresh, and because they allow you to call or text your requests in, you can order earlier and have it ready immediately upon your arrival. Serving simple dishes that are alive with flavor, everything on the menu is our favorite, but the tequila lime & jalapeño wild boar sausage hoagie will become your obsession!

Tillie’s, 3509 Creek Road

The number one local spot was surprisingly easy for us to choose, as this special occasion restaurant never fails to please. Tillie’s is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so plan accordingly, because this is one restaurant you will not want to skip! Offering creative spins on your favorite foods, the ambience of elegance will enhance your enjoyment of meals that include a 40-ounce Cowboy Ribeye, Gulf of Mexico Day Boat Swordfish, or the simply divine Shrimp & Grits. Their weekend brunch menu is loved throughout the state, featuring bacon hash and fried chicken and waffles, and their private dining room offers the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion.

Can’t Go Wrong With Dripping Springs Restaurants

The Dripping Springs restaurants found in our small town outside Austin take pride in how well they feed hungry people, just as we take pride in offering luxurious shelters for tired travelers! Reserve your I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuary today and enjoy a getaway that is a delight for all your senses.