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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

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Dripping Springs, located just outside the boundaries of Austin, is known for offering nearly as much to do as the big city while still remaining quiet and peaceful, but sometimes a traveler does not want to do what everyone else does. Sometimes a traveler has the desire, the urge, to explore the places that only the locals know about, the hidden gems that give the region its heart, its soul, and its unique personality. If you are the traveler that seeks something different, this guide to our top five under the radar Dripping Springs attractions will give you even more to do during your terrific Texas getaway and your stay in our luxurious vacation escapes!

Jacob’s Well in Wimberley Texas

Ranking in at number five on our list, but only because it is located a short drive outside of Dripping Springs, Jacob’s Well is a naturally beautiful attraction that offers the most fun during the summer months. Known as a perennial karstic spring, it can be found in the Jacob’s Well Natural Area and is managed by the local park service. Surrounded by rock and taking up a space that is only 12 feet in diameter, summer swims in the well are refreshing, and the beauty variety of colors, ranging from gold to turquoise to rich navy blue create an incredible backdrop for any pictures taken here. Jacob’s Well reaches 30 feet deep, after which it becomes a cave with depths of up to 120 feet, so this is not a spot to bring young children, but adults will love the peace and tranquility of the entire Jacob’s Well Natural Area.

Flores Breakfast and Lunch, 920 US-290 in Dripping Springs

Sliding in at number four, Flores Breakfast and Lunch very nearly ended up on our Top 5 Local Only Restaurants list, but we decided that this outdoor taco stand could also be described as an “experience,” especially for travelers who are visiting the Southwest for the first time! This sweet shack lies under the shade trees on a corner lot, serving the best tacos in all of Texas—no, in all the world—and although there is no inside seating, the covered deck with picnic tables will be your favorite place to be when you and your family are sitting there, devouring chorizo breakfast tacos for the very first time!

Dreamland Dripping Springs, 2770 US-290

Playing miniature golf is something all families love to do, and the course at Dreamland is definitely a fun one, but when you are looking for something unusual to do while exploring the Dripping Springs landscape, a game of pickleball is destined to be tops on your own list of attractions in Dripping Springs! The four pickleball courts that are included in Dreamland Dripping Springs are what makes a visit here a little bit out of the ordinary. If you are not from Texas, Wisconsin, or Minnesota, you might not know about pickleball; to us, it’s the most fun you can have on a court! Played on a court that resembles a tennis court (complete with center net), the main object of the game is to win, of course, by following the five simple rules and by not making mistakes! The paddles used are generally made of fiberglass and are a little larger than the standard ping pong paddle, and the balls are plastic wiffle balls the size of tennis balls. The best part of pickleball, however, is the camaraderie and the acceptance offered by players of the game. Seriously, pickleball players are just about the friendliest people in the nation and will be excited to teach you the sport; all you have to do is ask, making our number three attraction one you will never forget!

Dripping Springs Attractions at Luckenbach, Texas

No, we are not talking about the Waylon Jennings song, we are talking about the real thing! Luckenbach is a tiny town located in the Texas Hill Country less than 50 miles away from your I Love Dripping Springs vacation escape. If you have ever heard the phrase, “Don’t blink, or you will miss it!” and wondered how that can be possible, it will all suddenly become crystal clear to you as you drive into a town that has only two buildings! We think a post office is required for any town (Otherwise, how would you get your mail?) but the Luckenbach Texas General Store, Bar, & Dancehall is what gives this miniscule metropolis its charm! Offering live music, cold beer, a menu filled with Texas favorites, and a taste of the Wild West, your journey back in time will be one you will remember forever.

Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead, 509 Mercer Street

Taking a peek into the past has never been as fascinating as it will be when you visit the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead on your day full of attractions in Dripping Springs, built in 1854. Just think, Abraham Lincoln had just refused to take his elected seat in the Illinois legislature, the Boston Public Library opened to the public, and this charming farmstead welcomed the first members of the Pound family, a family that would continue to live here for over 130 years! Today, our guests can explore the meticulous reconstruction of the log cabin that never had plumbing installed (even though the last family moved out in the 1980s) and learn about the challenges faced by early settlers, before heading back to the much appreciated modern comforts of their I Love Dripping Springs sanctuary!

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