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Spring Journey to Dripping Springs

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Savoring a getaway somewhere new and exciting is worth your while any time of year, but for those travelers with their hearts set on a Dripping Springs, Texas adventure, there’s something undeniably appealing about the spring season. While Dripping Springs enjoys inviting weather year-round, spring brings a mild edge that encourages visitors to maximize time outdoors while also providing plenty of places to cozy up inside when temperatures dip. When you prefer to avoid large crowds but want to indulge the senses, Dripping Springs in the springtime is sure to delight! The following are just a few of many potential stops to make the most of your seasonal itinerary on a Dripping Springs spring vacation.

Bird Watching in Charro Ranch Park

Complete with lush trails, towering oaks and foliage, and flowers that blossom in the springtime, it can be hard to imagine that Charro Ranch Park once functioned as a full ranch! Today, springtime travelers to Dripping Springs will want to come here to stroll along the mile-long loop with binoculars in hand to enjoy the scenery and also keep their eyes on the skies. Charro Ranch Park is a popular spring stop for bird watchers and a visit includes access to many species to enjoy!

The Carolina Chickadee is a permanent fixture in the Dripping Springs bird world. At four to 5 inches long, these black-capped, short-billed lovelies sing their chick-a-dee call all year round. The beautiful downy woodpecker has a black, white, and red contrasting feathers, and you can spot this bird—which grows up to seven inches—eating insects from trees and wooden poles in the area. The nocturnal eastern screech owl is a challenge to find, but those who like to take late evenings walks may hear their calls before they see them. The blue jay can grow up to 12 inches long! These stunning bright blue crested birds are migratory in the northern United States but the ones in the warm southern states usually stay in one place. In addition, you may find mockingbirds, bluebirds (which are different than blue jays), several different owls, and even an occasional monk parakeet!

Enjoy Driftwood Estate Winery This Spring in Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is known and loved for its fantastic wine scene thanks to the fruitful vineyards and wineries that dot the region. If you’re the type of springtime traveler that can’t wait to taste their way through the travel experience, time at Driftwood Estate Winery is something you’ll want to be sure to include on your lineup of must-do activities. Stop by and enjoy a tasting session and be sure to ask the staff on-site anything and everything about the fascinating wine production process that makes this location so incredible!

Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Normally we think of olives and their products as being Mediterranean, but the United States boasts several olive orchards and lots of varieties of its own! Texas itself has around 250 olive orchards with thousands of acres of olive trees.

Olive oil and associated products are on full display for those that book a springtime tour of the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. while they’re in town! This insightful stop provides guests with a facilities tour that highlights how locally grown olives are turned into some of the most savory and beneficial products on the local market. Of course, no tour is complete without tasting options so be sure to bring your appetite for the palate-pleasing fun this Spring in Dripping Springs.

You can try everything from the different olive varieties to extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars with fruit infusions. The best thing? It’s all organic!

Tasting Rooms

When the evenings start to warm up and you want to take a leisurely walk in a colorful western sunset, try some of the breweries, wineries, and distilleries that are peppered in and around Dripping Springs. You can take a guided tour, hire a car, or just start off on your own around town.

With at least 12 breweries as of this writing, any beer lover will find plenty to sample. Around the same number of Dripping Springs wineries offer selections from the well-loved and user-friendly Merlots to varieties like the Alicante Bouschet. You can find comfort in a tried-and-true glass of wine that you have always loved or be adventurous and try something different.

No mention of alcohol tastings is complete without talking about the local distilleries. With around ten to choose from, you can sample everything from bourbons and ryes to vodka and cafecito. And what the heck is a Texas sotol? Well, come on down and find out!

Enjoy the Journey

Dripping Springs is a destination that makes a name for itself year-round. No matter when you’re here to make the most of the fun, the team at I Love Dripping Springs has the vacation rental you need waiting to take your trip over the top! Contact us today to learn more about our many area property options for your Dripping Springs spring vacation.