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Razas Food Shack

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The American culinary landscape has changed quite a bit over the last decade or so, as we are learning that a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant is fun once in a while, but on a regular basis it loses its charm and causes a big dent in our bank accounts. We appreciate good food with lower prices, and as the cost for rent of brick-and-mortar establishments continues to skyrocket, some of the best chefs are turning to the humble food truck as a way of getting their food out before the people, and we are eating it up, so to speak! For those planning a Dripping Springs vacation and a stay in one of our I Love Dripping Springs, we would like to introduce you to the fabulous flavors offered by one of our favorite local food trucks, Razas Food Shack.

Set Up at 211 West Mercer, Open from 6 AM until 2 PM, Closed on Sundays

Normally, we would take this paragraph to describe the ambience and décor of the restaurant we are discussing, but this is a food truck, so the ambience is humble and the décor is actually the classic Texas Hill Country landscape. The friendly people that run this tasty spot, however, serve every taco with a smile, offering a friendly comment as they start preparing the foods while you wait. Dripping Springs locals love Razas, eating there as often as possible, and quite often we will eat the same thing, and in those cases, our meals will have already been started before we walk up to the window. That is just one of the things we love most about small towns!

An Authentic Taste of Mexico at Raza’s Food Shack

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean you have to start out every morning with bland oatmeal and runny eggs, not when the delicious breakfast tacos served at Razas Food Shack are just waiting to be sampled, turning every day into Taco Tuesday. (Except Sunday, as that is their day of rest) Their lunch menu is simple, filled with Mexican delights we crave, including nachos, flautas, quesadillas, burritos, and of course, more tacos, and every bite you take is destined to be your favorite.

Bring Your Tacos Home to I Love Dripping Springs

Wrapped in foil, your choices will stay warm for the short drive back to your Texas sanctuary, allowing you to be able to enjoy a meal at the comfort of our dining tables. Reserve your favorite escape today!