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Big city living can be a wonderful experience as you live in the midst of all that is exciting, but while we can appreciate being able to run to the nearest convenience store in less than 5 minutes and being close to theaters and restaurants, the lifestyle can get to be tiring and stressful. Offering too many people, too much noise, and a tension that can be too much, it is no wonder that many big city dwellers choose the quiet and serenity of small-town Dripping Springs, Texas, for their annual getaway! Located close enough to the big city of Austin while allowing room to breathe, this small town is a favorite for visitors at any time of the year, but especially during the summer and fall months. If your annual sojourn has you turning in the direction of our favorite small Texas town in the summer or fall, this guide to the homes we offer and the fun you can have during your stay will make this getaway one you will never forget!

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A Vacation Experience

Life has changed a lot from the days when we used to vacation in hotel rooms, all members of our families cramming together in one space, qualifying the experience with the phrase “it is just a place to sleep at night!” Today’s travelers want a vacation experience, a place where we can eat, play, and sleep without having to step on someone’s toes, and our I Love Dripping Springs vacation properties offer all that and so much more.

Save money on meals by creating family feasts in rooms filled with updated appliances, custom cabinetry, and all the equipment needed to ensure you are well fed and comfortably hydrated. Our Dripping Springs homes are designed to make you feel at home and are furnished in ways that ensure this getaway is as relaxing as you wish it to be. Nap on plush couches strategically placed in front of smart televisions, relax some more as you soak up the rays poolside on a hot summer’s day! Game rooms with pool tables, shuffleboard tables, and state-of-the-art consoles offer teens and adults hours of entertainment on those days when staying in sounds like a really good plan. Theater rooms are most popular on rainy days and lazy nights, and as you lounge in leather recliners watching your favorite movies on the big screen, you may begin to wish that you never had to go home again!

Dining rooms are where the family will gather, playing board games, putting together puzzles, and creating a game plan for your adventures in Dripping Springs and Austin, but they also serve as a space to enjoy the meals you prepared in our fully equipped kitchens, located just steps away. Those moments you spend out on the patios, enjoying the quiet of the night and the awesome expanse of sky stretching out for miles before you, will be the times you appreciate our small-town wonders most of all. Peaceful, tranquil, and quiet, your big city life will seem millions of miles away, and you will not mind the distance one bit—especially when the sun dips below the horizon, the moon rises high in the sky, and the stars begin to twinkle merrily as if someone has just flipped a switch and you realize your eyes can not stay open another second! Your time spent in our comfortable beds will give you the ultimate luxuries: a long night of deep and uninterrupted sleep, allowing you to wake up the next morning, refreshed and ready to face a new day of adventures, some of which we are about to discuss next!


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The Long Lazy Days of Summer

There is a special magic that comes along with the summer solstice, even as we get up most days and head into work, but during your summer getaway in I Love Dripping Springs, summer becomes even more magical. Our town is a small one, but there are still many things you can do without having to drive 20 miles to Austin, especially if you are fond of the grape! There are a variety of wineries in our small village, including the Bell Springs Winery located at 370 Bell Springs Road, the Solaro Estate Winery at 13111 Silver Creek Road, and because you can never have too many opportunities to sip and sample, the Sidecar Tasting Room, while not a winery, can be found at 501 Fitzhugh Road. Offering a delicious selection of silky-smooth wines, The Sidecar Tasting Room also features a draft beer bar that makes non-wine drinkers incredibly happy. The Sidecar Tasting Room is actually an offshoot of the Bell Springs Winery, built to give visitors more places to enjoy great wine while celebrating the prohibition history of Dripping Springs. The Bell Springs Winery offers its own expansive tasting room, and because live music makes even the most delicious wine taste better, they feature live entertainment on most weekends! The Solaro Estate Winery has the added attraction of being built on an ancient fossil bed, and all the wineries and tasting rooms are developing a reputation that compares to those in Napa Valley!

Man (and woman) cannot live on wine alone, however, and if you are looking for more adventures in the Texas Hill Country, a quick jaunt over to the big city of Austin will give you all the excitement you can handle! One of the more unique activities you can participate in, bat watching at the Congress Avenue Bridge, takes place at sunset from late spring to early fall and can be added to your itinerary in either season. At dusk, crowds gather on the bridge and in boats in the water below, waiting for thousands of bats to exit their habitat beneath the bridge. The sky will grow dark, not from the sun setting, but from the mass of bats flying off to begin their nightly adventures, and the crowds never cease to be amazed. It is truly a sight to behold, and if you are watching the show in the fall at the end of their migration season, expect to be stunned as over one million bats fly off into the night! Bat Fest, taking place again after a hiatus due to the pandemic, will offer live entertainment, arts & crafts vendors, a costume show, food, drinks, and children’s activities, so if it sounds interesting, schedule your Dripping Springs escape to coincide with this event!

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Fabulous Fall

Summer is beautiful in Dripping Springs, but as the temperatures drop, pumpkin spice everything becomes available, and the trees turn from verdant green to brilliant shades of crimson, gold, and purple, our small town becomes a shining example of seasonal excellence! Take your annual Christmas tree pics in front of the waterfall at Hamilton Pool Preserve, hiking along groomed paths that take you deep into a canyon. As the pool preserve opens up before you, the feeling that you have entered a new world will definitely fall upon you! Feel the temperatures drop even further as the spray from the waterfall wets your face and lose yourself in the magical surroundings. Crystal clear waters, stone walls that offer an ombre shading of grays, browns, and golds, and of course, the vibrance of the trees that surround this grotto, all dressed in their autumn finest—the natural landscape promises to provide a backdrop for your annual picture that will be the envy of all who receive the card!

You may not be a Michelin star-level chef, but even the most inexperienced of family cooks understand the importance of the right olive oil when it comes time to create a family meal, and a tour of the Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company will help you in your culinary endeavors. This tour, while not exclusively a fall adventure, will teach you about the different flavors that are available to you and surprise you! The bistro found on the property offers more than a menu filled with delicious examples of how their olive oil can make any meal taste gourmet; it also features wines from local wineries, allowing visitors to enjoy yet another sit and sip adventure!

Family vacations will be made even sweeter with a visit to Reimers Ranch, where travelers can hike, climb rock walls, and even ride mountain bikes rented from the Dripping Springs Rental Center, located at 299 W. Mercer Street. Spend a day reveling in the beauty of the natural landscape of Reimers Ranch, being sure to pack a picnic to enjoy along the banks of the river that runs through the property. There are fees of $5 per person for day use of the ranch, and they don’t accept debit or credit cards, so be sure to bring along enough cash. Children 12 & under and disabled veterans are free, and seniors only have to pay $3 per person, so you can take that information into account when loading up your wallet!

Getting Hungry Yet?

Just writing about all the fun you can have during your Dripping Springs getaway is making us hungry, so we can imagine that if you are actually getting out there and experiencing all these adventures, you will be starving! If packing a picnic lunch doesn’t quite sate your appetite, there are plenty of restaurants in the area that are definitely up to the challenge of feeding hungry travelers, no matter the size of your group!

Start out your day with the sweet and savory dishes found at Crepe Crazy, a wonderful spot that offers a children’s menu, sandwiches, salads, milkshakes, and a selection of beer, wine, and other beverages that will go perfectly with the variety of crepes that is the mainstay of their menu. Crepe Crazy also offers delivery options, allowing you to sleep in later still eat a hearty breakfast before going out and exploring our hometown.

Enjoy the fabulous flavors of Texas barbecue at one of our favorite family-run joints, the Railroad Bar-B-Cue, located at 1111 US-290 #3818, where the scent of smoked meats will greet your nose long before you catch sight of the restaurant! Open every day of the week from 10:30 AM until 8 PM (on Sundays they don’t open until 11), the menu is simple, featuring meat, more meat, and stuffed potatoes (stuffed with meat) so large they are designed to be an entire meal! Yes, they also offer salads, side dishes, and a yummy kids’ menu, but the mesquite-smoked meat is the reason you are there, so be sure to fill up.

Sometimes you want to eat AND play, and Roadrunners Kitchen & Spirits truly get you and what you want, offering an 18-hole miniature golf course, ping pong tables, dart boards, a disc golf course, and a full menu filled with your favorite bar foods: burgers, sandwiches, a full bar, and a Chocolate Lava Cake so rich and sweet, you need to remember to SAVE ROOM!

Enjoy crepes this winter in Dripping Springs

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Fall & Summer Delights

There are more than a few activities you can explore in Dripping Springs, no matter what the season and the time-honored tradition of shopping is included on that list! Our downtown area offers a selection of boutique stores such as Vintage Soul and Fresh Native, offering a stylish selection of women’s clothing, and our favorite gift shop, Dripping Springs Delights. Located in the downtown area (right next to the historic dance hall), DSD is where you can find sweet treats and special gifts for the ones who weren’t so lucky as to accompany you during your Texas travels.

Whether you spend your days hiking, exploring the history of the area, or gorging yourselves on delicious Texas cuisine, coming home at the end of every day to the comforts and luxury found in our I Love Dripping Springs vacation hideaways will always be the best part of your trip—reserve yours today!

Known and loved as the gateway to the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs is a scenic and exciting place to set your travel sights, particularly when you’re getting ready to enjoy a fall getaway. Complete with wonderful weather, intriguing landmarks, and plenty of options for fun in the great outdoors, Dripping Springs provides a place to rest, relax and restore your sense before winter ever has a chance to set in. Here are a few options to add to your itinerary when you’re planning your Dripping Springs vacation:

Hike Through Charro Ranch Park

When fall rolls around in Dripping Springs, Texas, the beauty of a trip this way is often rooted in the fact that the weather takes a turn for the comfortable, meaning visitors can get out and explore as easily as ever. With fewer crowds to contend with, those that love to lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails will find many of the routes open and waiting to be discovered. While there are many options when it comes to exploring the terrain through and around Dripping Springs, a hike through Charro Ranch Park is bound to please hikers of all age levels and skillsets. Located at 22690 W. FM 150, Charro Ranch Park sprawls across 64 acres of pristine land and was donated to the city of Dripping Springs in 2008 by the Reed Hibbard family. This multi-use park is perfect for walking, running, or simply enjoying the surrounding nature. Trails throughout Charro Ranch Park were designed for recreation, but also for moments of reflection in the great outdoors. It’s common to come across signs indicating specific trees, birds, plants, and more—specifically placed to give hikers reasons to stop, think, and reflect in surroundings that will surely inspire.

Take to Reimer’s Ranch Lower River Trail

For the hiker that’s looking to take their Dripping Springs fall journey even further into the heart of nature, focusing on the Reimer’s Ranch Lower River Trail is a must! Integrated into Reimer’s Ranch Park this lower river trail follows the current and provides outdoor enthusiasts with a 1.9-mile adventure to enjoy. Complete with small grottos, rock formations, and plenty of fun river views, hikers will find that this trail works just as well for the solo adventurer as the explorer looking to spend time with the family. While fall weather is ideal for this trek, the trail still tends to get warm in the afternoon hours so it’s advisable to pack plenty of water and sunscreen for the journey.

As a follow up to a hike along the Reimer’s Ranch Lower River Trail, those that enjoy taking time to spot local and migratory birds will find Reimer’s Ranch Park to be a fantastic bird spotting destination overall. Bring your binoculars and keep your eyes on the trees and skies when you’re looking to end your day of adventure on a sky-high note.

Fall Foliage Trip Through Pedernales Falls State Park

It may not come to mind as a destination where fall colors can readily be admired but the changing season does create a palette of different hues amongst the trees and many of those transitions can be viewed at nearby Pedernales Falls State Park. Access at 2585 Park Road, Pedernales Falls State Park is named for the cascade that the destination hosts which flows with energy over impressive limestone slabs. The park itself is filled with trees, foliage, and wildlife that makes it an ideal place for animal spotting, hiking, and mountain biking. From any of the trails within this park, guests can enjoy the changing colors of the season and it’s advisable to bring your camera as it’s likely you’ll run across a photo-worthy moment or two during your journey. If you’re looking to combine some time on the water with your fall foliage experience, it’s simple to put a kayak, canoe, or tube in at Trammell’s Crossing Trail and enjoy time on the water paired with perfect seasonal views.

Stroll Down Mercer Street

Considered the historic heart of Dripping Springs, Mercer Street is a fantastic destination to just enjoy a stroll when you’re in town during the fall season. Take some time to admire the architecture which speaks to eras past and feel free to do some people-watching too! This area is packed with charming shops but it’s the landmark at the end of the street that draws the most attention. Situated on the street’s west end, guests can take time to view the dripping spring for which the city was named! Flowing over limestone ledges perfectly covered with ferns, this small, yet meaningful place gives great insight into those spaces where nature and city collide.

Savor the Getaway

Whether you’re planning a fall adventure to Dripping Springs or can’t wait to enjoy the stay any other time of year, the team at I Love Dripping Springs is always on-hand to make sure you have the ideal accommodations to match. Contact us today to learn more about our properties and to begin planning!

When summer rolls around, travelers from near and far often find themselves itching for adventure. This sunny time of year offers up the chance to explore new destinations, enjoy innovative activities, and make some lifelong memories alongside those you love most. When you’re on the hunt for a summer getaway destination that provides a welcoming balance between outdoor fun, small-town charm, and proximity to big city living, there’s no place better to enjoy than Dripping Springs, Texas.

Known and loved as the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs is a destination that’s wonderfully scenic and welcoming yet keeps guests within a mere 25 minutes of bustling Austin to the west. Brimming over with intriguing historical landmarks, flavorful stops, and beautiful state parks, it’s not hard to see why Dripping Springs is a destination that calls travelers back year after year in search of more adventure. When your travel plans bring you to Dripping Springs this summer, be sure to add the following exciting Dripping Springs activities to the list.

Visit the Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting Room

Dripping Springs is a destination that’s earned its reputation for flavor based on its rich hill country soil and collection of vineyards and farms that offer up much in the way of mouthwatering results. Among these stops to enjoy while you’re in town is the Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting Room. Situated at 2250 E. Highway 290, this locale is a great place for Vodka enthusiasts to come and see the production process before enjoying a tasting session alongside family and friends. Small plates are served to pair with the many savory flavors of Vodka available and as an added bonus, dogs are more than welcome on the patio.

Spend Time at Founders Memorial Park

If you happen to be visiting Dripping Springs with the entire family in tow, a trip to Founders Memorial Park is sure to be a delight for travelers of all ages. This park is found at 480 Founders Park Road and is a great place to plan for an afternoon picnic at one of the many tables on-site. The park is dotted with lush green spaces and includes playgrounds when little ones need to burn off some extra energy. Founders Memorial Park also hosts a public pool when you’re in the mood for a dip on a hot Texas afternoon.

Stroll Along Historic Mercer Street

The history of Dripping Springs is highlighted for those that choose to spend some time taking a stroll down Mercer Street. This unique stretch of town is home to a collection of era-specific architecture dating back as early as 1870. At the founding of Dripping Springs, Mercer Street made itself a central hub of business, and today, visitors enjoy the fact that this old world ambiance still remains intact in this section of town. Boutique storefronts, barbershops, and themed restaurants dot the length of Mercer Street, making it a great place to spend some time exploring. It’s also a good place to curb a craving when you’re in the mood for an afternoon or evening of dining out. On the west end of the street, guests will enjoy taking time to admire the very springs for which the town was named. Tumbling over moss-covered limestone, it’s easy to see why this charming location inspired the naming of an entire town.

Visit the Dripping Springs Sculpture Garden

Looking for a touch of creativity to incorporate into your Dripping Springs stay? Making your way to the Dripping Springs Sculpture Garden should do the trick. This welcoming destination is found at 5300 Bell Springs Road and is an inviting place to spend some time strolling through an open-air gallery that hosts a wide variety of sculptures to admire. From depictions of marine life in stone to intriguing abstract design, it’s up to you to decide which most inspires the imagination. The works on-site are handcrafted by local artists who also offer up their pieces for purchase when you find something that you know would bring your own garden or home to life.

Hike Through Charro Ranch Park

If you’re the type of summer traveler that likes to take things at their own pace and enjoys tranquility that can be found in natural settings, you’re bound to love time at Charro Ranch Park. Located at 22690 W. FM 150, Charro Ranch Park became an integrated part of the city-scape in 2008 and today offers up a scenic place for visitors to enjoy walking the many trails, spending time bird spotting, and admiring a collection of tree species native to Texas.

Enjoy the Best of Dripping Springs

There’s never been a better time to set your sights on Dripping Springs when it comes to making the most of an amazing summer getaway. When you’re in town, be sure to partner with I Love Dripping Springs and be sure you’re settled into a rental home away from home that exceeds all of your vacation expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our Dripping Springs activities and to start planning your Texas adventure!