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Easter in Dripping Springs

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The lives we lead every day can be somewhat boring and totally stressful as we complete the same routines on a daily basis. Work, school, kids, chores, and alarm clocks that wake us up at dawn every day, whether we want them to or not, all combine together to create a mood we just want to escape from, and travel is usually our favorite way of doing that. From planning the destination to packing the bags with new clothes we bought online just for the trip and picking the places we hope will bring us rest, relaxation, and comfort, travel takes us out of ourselves, out of our stress, and when you choose Dripping Springs and our I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuaries, provides a way to recharge drained batteries and spoil ourselves. Travel has become the cure all, and we are now even beginning to look at traveling at times we never would before. Schools and businesses are more flexible about working online, meaning the office and schoolroom can be anywhere in the world, giving us a freedom we often take advantage of. For example, Easter has not often been considered a traveling holiday, as not many get it as a paid holiday, but as the rules have changed, your opportunities for fun have multiplied. This guide to a Dripping Springs Easter in our favorite place in the world may change your views on traveling for the holiday as well!

Hopping Around a Dripping Springs Easter

The first thing your kiddos are going to ask about is the Easter Bunny, of course, but you can reassure them that just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny can find them anywhere! Start out the holiday celebrations with Easter egg hunts in Austin; there are many to choose from, and many that even start the week BEFORE Easter, expanding your opportunities to celebrate. The Easter Egg Hunt at Northwest Rec Center Park in Austin has always been a popular early bunny adventure, taking place an entire week before the big day and offering a chance to meet the Easter Bunny as well as the fun egg hunt that all kids love.

As with most holidays, the day tends to revolve around food, family, and even faith, and you may be worrying about the food part, wondering if everyone will expect you to create the feast you always have at home. You deserve a vacation too, however, and many of our local restaurants are offering brunches that will ensure no one misses out on a single favorite Easter food! Ham, lamb, potatoes—whatever you love, you should be able to find it around town. A short road trip to Johnson City has been a favorite in our households as we explore the menu offerings of the Old 290 Brewery and Restaurant, which takes Easter dining to a new level of sophistication and taste. Tableside Sangria Pitchers bring the menu up a few more steps to wonderful this Easter in Texas.

Get Outside

The Easter season is a beautiful one, and as you hike the trails that lead around Dripping Springs, you may want to head over to Hamilton Preserve Pool Park for a photo session that will remind you of these beautiful days forevermore. The pool itself is too cold and has been closed for swimming for a while now, but the views on the trails that lead to the pool will never let you down. Gather the kids together, wear your cutest hiking clothes, and let the falls be the backdrop to your Easter adventure pictures in Dripping Springs!

Everything You Love

Of course, you don’t have to leave the boundaries of your I Love Dripping Springs holiday hideaway, as everything you love to do at home can be done right here. Take an Easter swim in crystal-clear waters of a heated pool. Watch your favorite holiday movies on state-of-the-art televisions, and even create the feast your family loves (should you be inclined) happily and easily in fully equipped kitchens. Large, fenced-in yards will provide plenty of hiding places for the colorful eggs you and the kids decorated at the dining tables inside the night before, and lots of room to roam and play will help burn off all the sugar energy your kiddos will be experiencing! Chocolate is our favorite part of the holiday, but it sure does hop up our children, doesn’t it? Some families have never traveled at Easter because the sunrise service is so important to them, but in these new times we live in, many services are streamed, and high-speed internet will allow you and your family to participate in your most treasured Easter activity of all. And if you do it in a swimsuit, poolside, we don’t think any of your churchgoing friends will mind too much!

This Holiday Is for You!

Run away to Dripping Springs for an adventure this Easter in Texas you will wish never had to end. Reserve your favorite I Love Dripping Springs holiday home today!