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Halloween in Dripping Springs

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Vacation travel has changed over the decades, but never more so than in the last couple of years. Suddenly, our workplaces have discovered that they can save on overhead when their employees work from home, and because in most cases, they don’t specify WHICH home you have to work from, the possibilities are endless! Even schools have begun offering online classes, and of course, the day we once reserved to honor a hero that turned out to be a villain instead has been transformed into a week or two of “Fall Break” instead of just one day in October. With all these changes to our home life, this means that even though Halloween has rarely been considered a traveling holiday, more travelers than ever are choosing to celebrate the spooky holiday with a road trip or airplane flight to their favorite places. And because fall is still often considered the off-season for tourism, travelers who do venture away from home reap the benefits of less crowds, shorter lines in restaurants, and for those traveling to Dripping Springs, much cooler temperatures than they would find during a summer vacation. We at I Love Dripping Springs have created this guide to Halloween in Dripping Springs to ensure you don’t miss out on a single adventure during your holiday escape to Texas!

Dripping Springs Pumpkin Festival, Weekends from the End of September to End of October

Oh, how we love a good festival, and this seasonal event is filled with our favorite holiday activities! Held at the Pound House Farmstead Museum, guests can expect delicious treats, Halloween themed games, and on the last weekend of October a bubble extravaganza. Also featuring petting zoos, face painting, camel rides, live entertainment, and a spooky lost souls cemetery, (scary, but not TOO scary) the good times will bring a light to your children’s eyes and keep the smiles permanently pasted to their faces! The final weekend celebrates trick-or-treating, so be sure to dress your children in their sweetest or scariest costumes so as to join in the fun!

Trick-or-Treating in Dripping Springs

The first words out of your precious children’s mouths when you tell them about your plans to travel for Halloween are more than likely going to be demands on how they will be able to trick-or-treat, and we can assure you, there won’t be any problems finding places to do that in the Dripping Springs area! Obviously, the Pumpkin Festival is one place, reassuring parents that the kiddos can beg for treats safely, but as you might expect, the neighborhoods in Dripping Springs and Austin are going to be open for business as well. Local churches are often the site of trunk-or-treat events, offering yet another safe and sweet solution to your children’s need for candy and costumes, and in Austin, the Saturday before Halloween (unless Halloween falls on a Saturday, then the event will be held on the actual holiday) is when the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail sponsors a Trail Trick-or-Treating event.

Dripping Springs Halloween Bar Crawls

Halloween isn’t just for the children. We adults like to have fun too, and a stay in one of our I Love Dripping Springs holiday hideaways may involve the opportunity to indulge in a good old-fashioned bar crawl, especially if you choose to stay in one of our Austin escapes! Obviously, every year will be different as new bars pop up and older ones close their doors, but historically Parlor & Yard has offered a Dripping Springs Halloween Bar Crawl, the Kung Foo Saloon has presented Trick or Drink Halloween Bar Crawl, and the Crawl-o-Ween event in the city of Austin has been an overwhelming success for every year it has taken place! Offering the opportunity to show your spirited side as you consume holiday themed spirits, bars all over town will welcome all guests who participate, but if you come in costume, even better.

Hell Country Haunt, The Last 2 Weekends in October

Nothing screams Halloween louder than a haunted house, and the Hell Country Haunt held at Dripping Springs Ranch Park the last two weekends in October promises to be scary and exciting. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to do a good deed while having a good time, as the proceeds go to the Burke Center for Youth. Offering both a haunted house AND a haunted hayride, a bone-chilling good time is promised to everyone over the age of 13. It may be a little too intense for the younger set, so keep that in mind!

Your I Love Dripping Springs Holiday Haven

For comfortable adventures in fright, your I Love Dripping Springs Halloween haven offers exciting ways to celebrate! Binge watch your favorite horror movies, create holiday themed treats in fully equipped kitchens, and tell ghost stories around the firepits in our large backyards. Reserve your favorite hideaway for Halloween in Dripping Springs today!