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Indoor Activities in Dripping Springs

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Not everyone is a fan of the outdoors, no matter how beautiful and serene it may be, which can seem to be a challenge when trying to plan out a vacation, especially when visiting a place like Dripping Springs in Texas, where hiking, biking, even swimming is popular most of the year. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of things you can do indoors as well and this guide to some of our favorite indoor activities will bring you a new appreciation of how much Texas has to offer and how much fun you can have when you choose to stay home and explore the indoor amenities our I Love Dripping Springs vacation escapes provide. And even if you do love to do of all the outdoor activities that will bring you a greater understanding of what makes our state so beautiful, the occasional rainy day will encourage you to take the fun times indoors with these indoor activities in Dripping Springs!

2 Moons Art Loft, 400 W Highway 290 in Dripping Springs

Maybe you won’t be playing outside but you can still take home plenty of art pieces that celebrate the great outdoors with a visit to 2 Moons Art Loft. Offering masterpieces created by at least 15 different artists in a variety of genres, we could easily spend a few hours any day of the week exploring the beauty that resides in inside! Closed on Sundays and Mondays, 2 Moons is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM until 6 PM, so be sure to add it to your itinerary!

The Art Garage, 11190 Circle Drive in Austin

If you haven’t discovered your inner artist yet, a visit to the Art Garage in nearby Austin may just prove to you that you have hidden depths! Offering the opportunity to walk in and create your own pieces under the guidance of helpful staff, you can paint your own pottery, create pieces of glass fusion art, or discover what you can do with colorful bits of tile and your imagination! These walk-in classes do not require reservations and all supplies are included for your Dripping Springs indoor activities; all you have to do is show up and be inspired!

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. 2530 W Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs

Back in the dark ages, our cooking oil usage was often nothing more than store-brand vegetable oils that came in giant bottles. We didn’t understand that oil COULD be healthy, and that by adding natural herbs and spices, we could change the taste of an entire meal. Today, of course, we all understand the health benefits to olive oil, and Texas Hill Country Olive Company actually offers a tasting room in which you can try all their flavors before you buy! Offering tours of the orchards that may be saved for another day, a shop filled with their award-winning oils, vinegars, and even skincare items, and an online website that will allow you to continue purchasing your favorites without having to fly to Dripping Springs every time you run out of their jalapeño infused olive oil.

Indoor Activities in Dripping Springs at the Mercer Dancehall, 23490 Ranch Road 12 in Driftwood

Located just a short drive down the road in Driftwood, Texas, the Mercer Dancehall is a modern-day variation of ones from days gone by. Offering dance lessons, (if you have ever wanted to learn the Texas two-step now is the time!) live music, and a munchie menu that will keep your strength up for a long night of drinking and dancing, this purely Texas experience will make Dripping Springs indoor activities memories you will cherish forever!

Explore the Comforts of Your I Love Dripping Springs Sanctuary

Some of your most memorable moments won’t happen on the roads of Dripping Springs, rather, they will take place inside the comfortable spaces you chose to make your own during your Texas trip! Take a nap on a rainy afternoon, lulled into a refreshing sleep by the smell of fresh fallen rain, the sound of the drops hitting the roof, and maybe the sounds of laughter on state-of-the-art televisions playing softly in the background. Some of our properties offer theater rooms, allowing guests to binge watch their favorite movies on the big screen, and others may provide game rooms filled with everything that makes an arcade fun—pool tables, arcade games, even game consoles. Bake cookies in fully equipped kitchens, play board games while gathered around large dining room tables, and soak in sumptuous tubs that are deep and embracing, perhaps while you read, sip, and let soft music prepare you for a night’s sleep so deep and recharging, you will awaken the next morning ready to face a new day of indoor activities and adventures. Reserve your favorite I Love Dripping Springs abode today and discover that the best vacations begin and end with the best vacation homes!