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Mountain Biking in Dripping Springs

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Just as luxury, comfort, and style are a part of what we provide in every one of our I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuaries, the beautiful weather and incredible scenery found in this part of Texas provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures. From a simple walk at sunset, when the sky lights up with the fire of a kaleidoscope of colors, to the heart-thumping thrills found while scaling the granite or limestone cliffs in the area, visitors want to spend as much time outside playing as they do inside reveling in comfort, and mountain biking is just another way to do so! Daredevils and thrill seekers have obsessed over the hills of Texas Hill Country for decades, and if your upcoming journey to Dripping Springs would not be complete without two fat tires and a surprisingly comfortable yet tiny seat, this guide to Dripping Springs mountain biking and the surrounding areas will give you the vacation you have always dreamed about.

Barton Springs Bike Rentals & Tours, 1707 Barton Springs Road in Austin

Your first step in mountain biking is, of course, obtaining a bike, especially as we doubt you slipped your favorite two-wheeled accessory into your carry on. Barton Springs Bike Rentals & Tours is one of our favorite places from which to rent. Offering a large selection of bikes for rent, including beach cruisers, bike trailers, and mountain bikes, it is also a great place to look into renting electric bikes, but that’s a story for another day!

Canyon Cycles, 750 Old Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs

Although they don’t rent bikes, there are some reasons you may decide that your vacation in Dripping Springs is the perfect time to pick yourself up something colorful, shiny, and new, and Canyon Cycles is conveniently located near your I Love Dripping Springs haven! Also offering services for those who have traveled with their bike and discovered it needs a little tune up, you can do a little shopping while waiting, as they sell all the gear you will need for your mountain biking adventure.

Dripping Springs Mountain Biking at Reimer’s Ranch Park

Now that you have your bike and your gear, it is time to hit the trails, and Reimer’s Ranch Park is a popular one. Offering trails and loops for riders of all skill levels, fun will definitely be had, but be sure to stay on the trail. Cactus and mesquite are abundant in the area, so riders may also want to bring along extra tubes during this ride enjoying mountain biking in Dripping Springs. Call ahead if it has been raining, as the trails will be shut down if wet.

Brushy Creek Extension in Round Rock

Round Rock is known as being the sports capital of Texas, located about 40 miles outside of Dripping Spring is also home to another popular mountain bike trail, the Brushy Creek Extension. Extending 7 miles and offering an altitude gain of just over 1300 feet, this trail is best for riders with advanced skills. Eventually the goal of the county Brushy Park is located in is to extend the trail to meet with other mountain biking trails in the area to a length of 30 miles, so stay tuned and perhaps on your next Texas vacation you will get to experience even more excitement and thrills!

Slaughter Creek Trail in Austin

Texas offers over 277 mountain bike trails throughout the state, and the Slaughter Creek Trail in Austin was until recently only open to hikers and horseback riders but is now available for the mountain bikers in our midst! Follow the IMBA rules and yield to hikers and horses as you ride your way across this very easy trail. It should take about an hour and a half to complete the trail, leaving guests with plenty of time to explore Austin and sample the barbecue scene for which the town is known!

Hamilton Greenbelt in Austin

Ranked for intermediate riders, the Hamilton Greenbelt in Austin offers fantastic views of the landscape, Hurst Creek, and a serene waterfall that may be the perfect spot to stop for a snack and a beverage. 12 miles long, the trail brings riders through a canopy of mature trees that will help keep them cool no matter how hard they ride while providing an experience that delights all the senses!

Ride Home to I Love Dripping Springs

After a day on two wheels, your seat will appreciate the comforts found in our plush sofas and chairs! Wash away the grime of the day in showers with updated fixtures, fix yourself a high carb snack in fully equipped kitchens, and soak away any aches and pains in the bubbling heat of a hot tub located out under the stars. Every adventure with us will be of the most comfortable sort. Reserve your favorite escape today!