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Presidents’ Day in Dripping Springs, Texas

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Presidents’ Day is the official celebration of our country’s first president, but for most of us, we are just excited to enjoy an extra day off work, taking the time to explore America, perhaps in ways that would make President Washington smile. It is also the last three-day weekend we will enjoy until Memorial Day Weekend, leaving three long months of five-day work weeks to look forward to, and it really would be a shame to waste it by staying home. We at I Love Dripping Springs encourage our favorite travelers to make the most of the weekend by choosing Dripping Springs as your destination and our holiday hideaways for your weekend sanctuary. This guide will give you a few ideas on how to fill those wonderful minutes during a Dripping Springs Presidents’ Day when you do!

Sleep in Late

The best part of your bonus day off may just be the extra hours of sleep you can enjoy. Pull the curtains tightly closed the night before, ensuring the sun won’t awaken you when it rises sometime around 7 am. Even if you wake at your normal time, there is something decidedly hedonistic about peeking at the clock, smiling to yourself, and rolling over and falling back into the happy dreams you were enjoying prior to your untimely awakening.

A Feast to Remember This Dripping Springs Presidents’ Day

When you do finally roll out of bed, hunger pangs may be your only complaint as you feel rested and ready to face a day of Texas-sized fun and frolicking, but those pangs will be quickly assuaged. Choose to make an at-home breakfast in our fully equipped kitchens, or—because who wants to do chores on vacation—head out to a hearty Southern breakfast prepared by expert cooks at the Oak Creek Café. Located at 660 US-290 and serving the foods our mamas prepared for us when we grew up, if you leave hungry, you must be really hungry!

Explore the Sales on Mercer Street

Unlike the major holidays, the stores stay open on Presidents’ Day, usually offering terrific sales that travelers on a tight budget will certainly appreciate, and as you make your way to historic Mercer Street, the fun will begin. Be sure to take a few minutes to admire the historic architecture on this street, as many of the buildings the shops are housed in have been here since the late 1800s or early 1900s. The businesses themselves have changed over the decades, and the stores you will love—Starrs on Mercer, Vintage Soul, and Panache, for example—will offer treasures you can’t wait to make your own.

Take a Hike

While still a little chilly in February, Dripping Springs will certainly be warmer than your own Midwestern hometown, perhaps encouraging you to take this precious time to get out and explore the natural side of Texas during Presidents Day in Dripping Springs. Your choices are plentiful, including staying close to home and hiking the trails that may meander through the property. Our larger homes are often located on land that spreads out many acres and the trails are easy to follow, but there are plenty of trails further away that will bring you pleasure, some of which we will discuss below.

• Milton Reimers Ranch Park, 23610 Hamilton Pool Road in Dripping Springs – Offering five different trails with difficulties ranging from easy to moderate, views of the Pedernales River make them a favorite with hikers.
• Charro Ranch Park, 22690 Ranch to Market Rd 150 in Driftwood – Located not far from Dripping Springs the trails of Charro Ranch Park may include instructional signage about the flora and fauna found there. Offering a couple of easy to complete loop trails, the Roadrunner and the Charro Ranch, hikers, joggers, dog walkers, and families are drawn to the trails found here.
• Hamilton Pool Preserve, 24300 Hamilton Road in Dripping Springs – Reservations are required to explore the Hamilton Pool Preserve and can be made online.

Exploring the Amenities of Your I Love Dripping Springs Holiday Hideaway

Your favorite presidential activities may take place in the comfort of your holiday hideaway. Each space offers something special, something that makes it stand out in a sea of vacation rentals. Large yards offering pools, hot tubs, putting greens, firepits—the list of outdoor amenities is nearly as long as the indoor ones. Some properties may offer game rooms furnished with game tables, arcade games, even gaming consoles, others may offer theater rooms with leather recliners and really large screens. State-of-the-art electronics throughout all our homes will keep guests entertained, but so will the books they can pluck from the shelves, the board games that remind us of the importance of taking time to unplug.

Reserve your favorite holiday haven today!