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Charro Ranch Park

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The beauty of a Texas park can never be overrated and Charro Ranch Park, located just outside Dripping Springs in the small town of Driftwood, offers the perfect example. This is where we come to play with our children on a quiet Saturday afternoon and where we never tire of the views we see on the trails that cut through its expanse. Once attached to the Charro Ranch, an actual working ranch owned by a local celebrity, Lucy Reed Hibberd recognized the need for another park and donated 60 acres that become our beloved Charro Ranch Park. When your journey brings you to beauty of our I Love Dripping Springs Texas Hill Country escapes, a visit to Charro Ranch Park will give you a day filled with adventures you will never want to end!

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Located at 22690 W. FM 150 in Driftwood

A day at the park can be so much more than that, especially when you visit the 64 acres that make up Charro Ranch Park. This land was much loved when it was still in the family of Hibberd and is even more loved by all who visit today. Pack a picnic in your fully equipped I Love Dripping Springs kitchen, and even on the sunniest days, you can enjoy a lovely meal in the shade of mature trees that dot the landscape. Trails traverse this beautiful park and because Ms. Hibberd loved and appreciated all things natural, there are signs found throughout, telling visitors about the trees they are staring at. Hikers aren’t the only ones who will appreciate the natural beauty of the park as many of the trails are also meant for bikes, and since there are many bike rental shops in Austin, visitors can enjoy a leisurely ride through Texas Hill Country or ride like they are being chased by demons. Who are we to judge how you spend your day in the park?

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Naturally Beautiful

Dedicated to protecting all of Mother Nature’s creatures, not just the landscape, as you explore Charro Ranch Park deeper, you may come across some tall rectangular structures that may appear to be out of place. There’s a method to the madness of our park service, though, and these structures are actually built to help protect the endangered chimney swift bird population. Design to look like chimneys, these artificial homes provide protection from the elements and from the swifts’ natural predators, these installations are just one example of how we work to help save the natural side of our state. This park is still a relatively new one, having been donated to the city in 2008 and at this point many of its attributes are still in the planning stage. Eventually it will be used for training in cross country track, will offer areas constructed for quiet reflection and moments of pure tranquility.

A wood pavilion is a centerpiece of the park right now, offering a place for avid birdwatchers to flock to with binoculars in hand and their favorite birdwatching app open on their phones. Over 115 species have been spotted in this serene park, making it one of the top birdwatching spots in the state, especially as the grounds are home to a variety of bird feeders spread out over the park’s 64 acres! For those who aren’t really into our feathered friends, keep your phones on camera mode and document the beauty of the park and when you go through the pictures later, we are sure you will find plenty that are worthy of being framed and hung in your home to serve as reminders of the fantastic day you enjoyed at Charro Ranch Park. Artists of all skill levels land on the doorstep of the park, drawing pads and easels in hand, eager to capture the beauty in whatever medium that makes them happy, and whether you are a serious artist or just like to dabble, the park can be your muse as well. In the spring, bluebonnets blanket the landscape creating a vibrantly stunning portrait and in the fall months, the changing of the leaves creates a fiery charm that you won’t be able to ignore.

The Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

No matter how you spend your hours at Charro Ranch Park, biking, hiking, picnicking or more, coming home to the comforts and natural wonders found in our I Love Dripping Springs escapes will give you the perfect ending to another perfect day in paradise. Keep an eye out for more birds on the back decks of these special homes, relax in bubbling hot tubs, or swim in pools that can be heated in the colder months. Our properties provide promises kept, luxuries enjoyed, and a continuation of the natural beauty you enjoyed during your visit to the park. Reserve your favorite escape today!