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Dr. Joseph M. and Sarah Pound Farmstead

HomeAttractionsDr. Joseph M. and Sarah Pound Farmstead

Dripping Springs has a long and rich history that dates back to the mid 1850s when 3 intrepid settler families decided that this beautiful countryside was where they could see themselves making a home. Dr. Joseph Pound and his lovely bride Sarah were one of the three families and although times were hard in the wild, wild west, they settled in, dug deep roots, and helped put Dripping Springs on the map! Today, we at I Love Dripping Springs want to give our guests a closer look at the life they built with an exploration of the Dr. Joseph M. and Sarah Pound Farmstead, a place that was first their home and a cornerstone of the budding community and later became a hospital and a church before its current incarnation of a museum!

Dr. Joseph M. and Sarah Pound Farmstead is Located at 419-B Founders Park

When you arrive in town for your first day of vacation, it may be a little more difficult to picture Dripping Springs as it was back in the 1850s. Settled by Native Americans and offering none of the modern conveniences you expect from your I Love Dripping Springs vacation escape, the natural beauty of the land must have made the settlers fall in love, ignoring the dangers that often accompanied these moves west! The farmstead, built on 750 acres of land may appear humble by today’s standards, but the wood floors, stone fireplace, and covered porch were the height of style back then and as you step inside for the first time, you may still be able to hear the echoes of the young Doctor and his bride chatting over curtain colors and fretting over whether or not the rose cuttings she brought with her from Mississippi would be able to withstand the harsh heat of summer. Spoiler alert! They did survive (and thrive!) and many of the roses blooming in the gardens behind the home are from those very same cuttings! The Heritage Oak, still standing strong after 500 years of growth would have provided much needed shade for the family, and probably provided many hours of fun for each of their 9 children! One of our favorite fun facts about the farmstead is the realization that one of its docents is actually the great great granddaughter of the Pounds!

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A Trip into the Past

Today the farmstead is furnished with authentic artifacts from those long ago days and is often the site of local events, as well as a wedding venue! (We are the wedding capital of Texas, after all!) Take a few hours from your Dripping Springs vacation, explore all the farmstead has to offer, and then come back home to I Love Dripping Springs, reveling in the modern conveniences that very happily do include air conditioning!