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Dripping Springs Farmers Market

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The world we live in has taken us away from the simple pleasures of life. We eat fast food, we buy gifts for our family online, and except for sitting out on our patios on a soft summer’s night and walking from our car to our office or school, we rarely take the time to go outside and enjoy the charm of a beautiful day. Farmers markets, however, are changing all that, re-introducing us to the pleasures of fresh produce, handmade gifts, and the joy of a sunny day when the temperatures are just right. The Dripping Springs Farmers Market offers even more opportunities for fun and enjoyment, especially as you are on vacation, and you have more time than when you try and attend the farmers market in your own hometown. We at I Love Dripping Springs believe in working hard to make your stay more wonderful than you dreamed it could be, but we also believe that taking a few hours to yourself to enjoy the treasures found at our farmers market is good for the soul, recharging our batteries and providing something beautiful to fall in love with!

Founders Memorial Park, Wednesdays from 10 AM through 1 PM

A day at the park can be extra special on an ordinary Wednesday, especially when you start it by exploring the aisles of the Dripping Springs Farmers Market. Located between the Pound House Museum and Founders Pool, (two spaces you must explore in greater depth after the market) in the fall months, the hours shift from morning to evening, adding a sunset experience to your joyful explorations. If your visit occurs during a holiday, we can promise holiday activities that will enhance the fun your littles will have and perhaps eliminate the boredom that often accompanies a shopping expedition! Saturday hours are expected to begin soon, so you may want to check out the Drippings Springs Farmers Market Facebook page to see if this exciting happening has occurred yet.

raspberries figs and strawberries

Ready, Set, SHOP!

Now that we have the details out of the way, you are probably eager to begin your shopping experiences, so grab your cotton shopping bags, make sure you have cash on hand, (most vendors will accept credit cards, but there are always going to be a few small businesses that just haven’t reached that stage in their quest for success yet) and prepare to be wowed! Although it isn’t that early in the morning, you might want to make your first stop at the coffee stand, especially during the colder months, but even if it is warm during your Texas vacation, iced coffee is always a delicious option!

Moving on with coffee in hand, it is time to explore all the treasures found at the Dripping Springs Farmers Market, perhaps starting with the food sections. Your I Love Dripping Springs vacation escape offers a fully equipped kitchen that you are more than likely eager to utilize in an effort to save a little money, and the market is the perfect place to help you stock the shelves of the pantries and refrigerators. Fill up your bags with fresh and locally grown produce so colorful and beautiful, the kiddos won’t mind eating their veggies, and maybe pick up a bouquet of colorful flowers to add some natural beauty to your home sweet vacation home! Also offering baked goods, a variety of sauces and salsas, and food vendors that serve Texas favorites, you don’t have to shop hungry, just purchase a burrito and move forward with your shopping fun!

Farmers markets in Dripping Springs aren’t just about the food and produce, however, they are also the perfect places to pick up accessories for your home, gifts for your family, and all the little tchotchkes you never knew you couldn’t live without until you saw them displayed on the tables under the white awnings of the Dripping Springs Farmers Market. This market stays open year-round, and at Christmas, you will find it hard to tear yourself away from the toys, crafts, and unique handmade objects that will make perfect gifts for everyone you know. Live entertainment may take place in the form of a local musician sitting with his guitar and strumming all the songs we love, and children’s activities over the holidays will brighten the eyes of the tiniest travelers, ensuring that even shopping can be fun and add cherished memories to your Texas trip of a lifetime.

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After the Dripping Springs Farmers Market

Before you rush back to your I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuary with all the treasures you picked out at the Dripping Springs Farmers Market, be sure to take a few minutes to explore the history of our Texas Hill Country town with a visit to the Pound House Museum, a meticulously restored compound that was once the home of one of our founding fathers, Dr. Joseph Pound. Contact I Love Dripping Springs to reserve your favorite vacation rental today!