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Sundance Hill Farm

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Dripping Springs proudly holds the title of Wedding Capital of Texas, offering 180 wedding venues and hosting over 1000 weddings per year on average. It may be the perfect choice for the destination wedding you have been dreaming of all your life. And although we can’t list or describe all of those wedding venues today, we would like to take a few minutes from your busy planning sessions to introduce you to the charms of Sundance Hill Farm. Providing a Texas twist to your big day, this venue also happens to be within a short drive of many of our I Love Dripping Springs honeymoon hideaways, ensuring that wedding night fireworks will ensue shortly after the end of your reception.

Sundance Hill Farm is Located at 371 Hillview Circle in Dripping Springs, (512) 921-2829

Sundance Hill Farm is an actual working farm started by a young family who had big dreams, and for those not planning a wedding anytime in the near future, you may be excited to learn that it isn’t just a wedding venue, that it offers tours and a shop that sells products produced on its premises and is a great event venue for ANY occasion you may be celebrating. Also providing stunning backdrops for professional photos, there is a long list of reasons you really should add a visit to your vacation itinerary, perhaps putting “to see alpacas” at the very top. Yes, although they do raise and care for cows, chickens, and other farm animals, it is there fluffy and cute alpacas that will make the highlight reel of a getaway (wedding or not!) that you are destined never to forget.

Your Special Guests

The alpacas we have met at Sundance Farm are about as cute and photogenic as Bernese mountain dog puppies, so cuddly and fluffy looking, and the alpacas at this farm can be included in your photographs. Freshly groomed and wearing flower rings around their huggable necks, they always seem to be saying cheese for every picture taken, making them extremely photogenic as well. In other farms they are often used as therapy animals, offering an innate empathy that before we met the alpacas, we thought that only dogs and those tiny horses seem to exude. For these purposes, however, it is important to note that they are well behaved, photogenic, and fluffy and cute as heck, and will make your wedding and the subsequent photographs something people will be talking about for years to come!

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Let the honeymoon begin in our comfortable, luxurious, and oh so romantic Dripping Springs love nests. Reserve your favorite love nest today and start your future together on a high note!