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Top 5 Local Only Shops to Visit

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Shopping is one of our favorite ways to while away the vacation hours, so much so that we cannot count the number of times we have stood at that airport counter, at the end of the trip, crossing our fingers and toes and saying a silent prayer that our baggage does not weigh in over the magic number! We have learned over the years, however, to rent vacation homes that come with laundry rooms, packing light in large suitcases so that we have plenty of space to pack our vacation treasures for the trip back home. You, dear traveler, have obviously learned the same lesson, as you have chosen one of our fabulous I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuaries that offer fully equipped laundry rooms—plus enough luxury amenities to leave you feeling completely spoiled—and because we love to give our guests a helping hand, we have created this guide to top local Dripping Springs shops!

Starrs on Mercer, 209 Mercer Street

Calling themselves a modern-day department store, our number five choice for retail therapy is the sublimely wonderful Starrs on Mercer! Owned and ran by sisters whom you will more than likely have a chance to meet if you visit, the eclectic selection of clothing, household goods, jewelry, and bath stuff ensures that even if you do not know what you want, you are guaranteed to find something that pleases your inner shopper. We love everything they offer, but as of this writing we are tickled by their cigar glass which is part whiskey glass and part cigar holder; we Texans can be creative and efficient when necessary!

The Rural Home, 104 W Mercer Street

Not everyone enjoys antique shopping, but that is ok! Number four on our shopping list, The Rural Home offers a variety of merchandise that includes the new, the old, and even new stuff made to look old for all you shabby chic decorators out there. Pick up an enameled soap dish in bright primary colors to hang on your bathroom wall, browse through their lighting selections that include pendant lamps and candles, or lose yourself in their collection of antiques as you search for the piece that screams out your name. There is no wrong way to shop at The Rural Home. and because their inventory is always changing, you might want to pencil in a couple of visits during your week-long stay in Dripping Springs!

Juniper Tree Market, 301 W Mercer Street Suite A

If the words “general store” conjure up visions of a rustic market filled with everything from apples to zebra banks, you may have to adjust your way of thinking just a little when you visit Juniper Tree Market, our third favorite store in Dripping Springs! Offering an adventure with every shopping trip, this is where you will find the natural (dwarf banana trees, anyone?), the protective (sunglasses to guard against the bright rays of the Texas sun), or the quirky (plant animals that look like frogs or sloths). Also offering classes to get you started on a new hobby, this self-described general store of adventure may not resemble the ones we know from history, but its modern twist on the familiar will make you never want to leave!

Fresh Native, 28101 Ranch Road 12

We honestly cannot tell you what we love more about number two on our list of top local shops: the gorgeous clothing, jewelry, and home décor items found inside Fresh Native or the charming, renovated farmhouse that houses this Dripping Springs business! If you asked us which pieces we loved best, we would have to say EVERYTHING, but we will admit to an extra fondness to the items made right here in Dripping Springs, including earrings, tee shirts, and throw pillows for the couch or bed. Their gift collection includes body creams and lotions in a variety of scents that we think your favorite pet sitter would love, so be sure to add a few extra to your bag of fun!

My Happy Place Boutique, 14015 Ranch Road 12

Our number one local Dripping Springs Shopping spot is destined to be your new happy place, especially as it is called My Happy Place! Located just outside Dripping Springs in the bucolic town of Wimberley, a renovated 1940s bungalow gives the shop an added charm with its white picket fence outside and wood floors polished to a warm glow inside, making a lovely backdrop to the jewelry, clothing, accessories, and other gifts that make up the majority of My Happy Place’s inventory. Pick out your favorite Texas-made items, our favorite being the custom-made Happy baseball cap, or choose one of their gifts that give back, items that are created by companies who give back part of the proceeds to worthy charities.

Room for All Your Dripping Springs Shopping Treasures

We can’t guarantee that your luggage will have room for all the treasures you pick up at Dripping Springs shops during your shopping expeditions, but we can promise that our vacation sanctuaries have plenty of space. Reserve your stay with us today!