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Hiking Journey to Dripping Springs

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When the stresses of life stack up, there’s nothing more appealing than spending time away from the daily routine, exploring and experiencing a new and exciting destination. Those travelers that have a heart for the great outdoors and like to pair their outside adventures with in-town excursions will find Dripping Springs to be a place where they can indulge their many interests. Known as the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs provides no shortage of options for entertainment—particularly for those that like to lace up their boots and hit the trails. The stunning landscape this destination hosts is ideal for trekking your way to an amazing adventure. When you’re in town to try all the Dripping Springs hiking trails, the following are a few to put at the top of your list.

Milton Reimers Ranch

Situated within Travis County, Milton Reimers Ranch is a popular rock climbing destination but is just as ideal for those that are looking to hike their way through the day. Offering up more than 18 miles of pathways to be explored, hikers can pick and choose between 5 routes that are sure to thrill. Rivers, streams, and lush foliage are yours for the enjoying when you set your sights on the 2,427 acres that make up this impressive hiking destination.

Pedernales Falls State Park

The scenic landscapes that are highlighted within Pedernales Falls State Park make it the perfect place to hike for those that are looking to trek their way into a place that feels very off the beaten path. From sweeping vistas that include rocky terrain, hidden away springs and rivers, Pedernales Falls State Park allows hikers to escape from the hustle and truly immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. This hiking destination offers the option to pick between 7 trails of varying levels of difficulty. The shortest trail is a quarter of a mile while the longest stretches 9 miles through the terrain.

Points of interest includes an overlook, where you can view the unusual rock canyon structure that the river has sliced its way through over the millennia. Trammel’s Crossing is a low water section of the park where you can cross the river to other sections of the park.

Make sure you get to the Twin Falls Overlook. Green all year, the plant life is fed by springs that bubble from below. Make sure to stay on the trails in the area to protect the fragile flora and keep the overlook unspoiled.

Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

The preserved area of Wesctave Outdoor Discovery Center is protected, but they allow hiking to the colorful grotto with a volunteer guide. Experts will take you through the arid savanna into a limestone crevice. From there you will hike into a canyon with a splendid 40-foot waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall, you can view the exquisite deep green grotto pool. You may also hike in what is known as the uplands of this preserve without a guide, where you can see the natural flora and fauna of the surrounding areas.

Prayer Mountain

Said to be one of the best-kept secrets in Texas, Prayer Mountain has a short but challenging hike with the reward of a beautiful and tranquil trail ending. Located in Wimberly just southwest of Austin.

Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Also located in Wimberly, Jacob’s Well offers more than 80 acres of diverse plant and animal life as well as an aquifer you can swim in from May to October.

McKinney Falls State Park

A short trip from Dripping Springs in Austin, hikers can travel the nine miles of paths that has a hard enough surface for bikes, strollers and even kids’ wagons. If you would like to camp at the end of your hike there are over 80 campsites available, with electricity and water hookups. If you don’t have a camper, no problem! Rent one of the cabins. If you like to hike along waterways, Onion Creek runs and splashes over rock and banks, creating mini-waterfalls and rapids.

Dripping Springs Hiking at Charro Ranch Park

When you hike Dripping Springs and up for a more leisurely stroll that showcases some of Dripping Springs most beautiful sights, Charro Ranch Park is a good starting point. The park encompasses 64 acres of land that was once dedicated to ranching. Today, Charro Ranch Park is a preferred destination for hikers, bikers, and walkers alike looking to enjoy the 1-mile loop that makes its way through oaks, juniper, and grasslands.

Donated by the Hibberd family in 2008, the area was created as a natural site for meditation and calm in the midst of Dripping Springs nature. Visitors love to walk the trails, take a picnic lunch or dinner, and learn about the diversity of nature and area geology. When you think of Charro Ranch Park in Dripping Springs, think of connecting with nature and all its wonders!

Enjoy the Dripping Springs Journey

No matter when you find yourself in town to hike Dripping Springs, the team at I Love Dripping Springs is here to help you settle into the vacation rental to take your journey over the top. Contact our team today to learn more!