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Nature and Wildlife Journey to Dripping Springs

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When it comes to amazing vacation destinations, Dripping Springs, Texas is a particularly appealing locale for travelers looking for a place where scenery and flavor collide. Known as the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs is a popular stop among wine enthusiasts and provides history buffs and those inspired by architecture with plenty of stops to admire. While there’s much to do in the way of in-town fun, Dripping Springs is an oasis of potential for those that can’t wait to get out and connect with nature too. When you’re planning a trip where the focus is finding yourself immersed in natural beauty, the following stops are a must on your itinerary of natural attractions in Dripping Springs.

Enjoy Bird Watching at Pedernales Falls State Park

When you can’t wait to spend time surrounded by spectacular scenery with options to catch glimpses of winged creatures too, bird watching in Pedernales Falls State Park checks every box on the list for outdoor adventurers in this area. Wildlife and plants are on full display at this sprawling destination which also features fantastic river views. Grab those binoculars and settle in by the water, keeping your eye on the sky for some amazing moments of Dripping Springs nature where birds can be spotted in their natural and lush habitats.

From the happy little bluebirds and chickadees to woodpeckers and the bright red cardinal, you can find great beauty, colorful plumage, and stunning bird calls all on your Dripping Springs nature journey.

If you enjoy birding at night, the large number of owl species is certain to please. You might catch any number of these owl types: the elf owl, burrowing owl, a long-eared or short-eared owl, barred owl, eastern owl, western screech owl, great horned owl, or even a ferruginous pygmy owl. Want to know what a flammulated owl is? Come to Dripping Springs and find out!

Enjoy Dripping Springs Nature Fishing at Reimer’s Ranch Park

Located off of Hamilton Pool Road, Reimer’s Ranch Park is a popular stop amongst hikers visiting Dripping Springs, but it’s also an idyllic locale when you’re an angler that can’t wait to get into nature and cast a line. The riverside beach is the perfect place to reel in White Bass while you’re in town—surrounded by lush foliage, tantalizing hiking trails, and an all-encompassing sense of peace in nature.

There are lots of places for fishing during your Dripping Springs nature journey. Fisherman’s Corner is kid- and newbie-friendly and features a lovely fountain in the middle. Bassquatch Fishing, a bit longer drive from Dripping Springs, is also family-friendly and has helpful fishing guides.

You can do more than fish at Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park, near Bee Cave. When you’re done angling you can jump in the water off the pier! If you want some more professional help with your skills, Hill Country Bass Coach is there to help you polish up your style.

Whether you’re after largemouth bass, white bass, channel catfish or crappies, put Dripping Springs on your bucket list for fishing.

Visit the Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

The landscape that makes up Dripping Springs is thrilling but learning how to protect it as well as enjoy it are both priorities of the Westcave Outdoor Adventure Center. This stop first opened in 1976 and since that time, has continued to be a place where nature is reveled in and revered by those who pass through. The discovery center sits on 76 acres of land where visitors can take part in guided hikes leading to hidden away grottos and cascades. Learn about the landscape and enjoy immersing yourself in terrain dotted with Junipers and Oaks while you’re savoring time in this area full of natural attractions in Dripping Springs.


Dripping Springs has come of the best hiking, biking, and walking trails the region has to offer. Take the moderately-rated 1.8-mile Hamilton Pool Park Trail for stunning views of the waterfall and for some of the birdwatching mentioned above.

For striking wildflower viewing, go to Belterra Monarch Trail, Live Oak Loop and Whitetail Run. The 4.4-milke hike is said to be fine for all hiking abilities. Did you bring your best friend to Dripping Springs? Dogs are welcome! Remember to keep them on leashes at all times.

Other trails close by include Dick Nichols Pathway and Goat Cave Trail (rated easy), Windmill Run Park Loop and Greenway Primitive at Bee Creek (moderate).

Quiet Time

Largely underrated, quiet time is a great attraction for families, couples, and the lone traveler. Horseback riding in Dripping Springs is very popular and available in several places, including Pedernales Falls State Park and Reimers Ranch. You might want to check out the Austin Zoo, just a short drive from Dripping Springs, or head out for one of the area’s fun outdoor events.

Enjoy the Dripping Springs Journey

Dripping Springs is a destination worth enjoying year-round. No matter when you travel this way, make sure you have accommodations lined up with the help of I Love Dripping Springs. Contact us today for more information!