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Wellness and Health Journey to Dripping Springs, Texas

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Is it just us, or does it just seem so much harder to do life these days? From the moment we wake up (far too early) to the moment we finally fall asleep (way too late), our days are filled with the opposite of what we need to feel happy, healthy, and to just feel well overall. Our vacations, however, can be the best way to take a journey back to health and wellness, providing us with the little things we need to get back into step, and if you have been planning a Texas escape with this purpose in mind, we at I Love Dripping Springs have created this guide to everything you need for a Dripping Springs health journey!

Face to Face Spa, 2690 US-290

Sometimes the simplest way to feel better is by looking better, and as you begin your first day of your Dripping Springs journey, a visit to Face to Face Spa can make all the difference in the world. Offering skin care services that include chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, hydra facials, Botox, and more, leaving guests falling in love with the reflection in their mirror all over again.

Pink West Salon, 511 Old Fitzhugh Road

Continuing with the theme of looking good to feel better, Pink West Salon has been making residents and locals look their best for more than a few minutes and their results have been described as nothing less than magic. This is the business you want to visit when you need your hair, your nails, even your eyelashes transformed and because they sell all the items they use on your hair, skin, and nails, you can take some of the magic back home to continue to enjoy long after your Dripping Springs journey has ended.

Embrace 2024 With Clarity and Vision, January 2024 1 Day Retreat for Women

Dripping Springs is a small town, but our proximity to Austin ensures that we reap all the benefits of big city living while retaining all of our small town charm, so this next activity for your journey to health and wellness, is taking us to Austin. By the time you read this, the event may have already passed, but it gives you an idea of what to look for when 2025 rolls around. This women’s expo, taking place at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, promises to help you start out your new year in the proper frame of mind, giving help, tips, and suggestions on how to gain clarity in what you seek and show you how to help your vision for the new year become a reality.

High Frequency MVT, 26550 Ranch Road 12 Oakwood, Plaza Suite 9

As we move into a new year filled with all manner of unknown obstacles and occurrences, your good health will be key to ensuring you face what comes with grace and strength and High Frequency MVT offers the yoga classes to help you do just that. Yoga is the one exercise that is known to not just make participants stronger and physically healthy, but it helps the mind regain clarity and the soul find its joy. HF MVT offers group classes and private lessons and provides classes for all levels of yogis.

Serasana, 166 Hargraves Drive e200 in Austin

There are times when you seek relief from the outside in, letting the talented hands of the Serasana staff fix what is broken within your body. Offering yoga, massages, holistic healing, acupuncture, Reiki, even restorative skin care, and so much more, this one stop spot on your journey to a healthier you will ensure that you leave the spa at the end of your services feeling like a new person. Also offering a tea bar, be sure to sample their Golden Mango Smoothie before you leave.

Dripping Springs health ane Wellness Destinations With No Cost, but Big Impact

Of course, this journey could reach significant amounts of extravagance if you participated in all of the above, but there are ways to be healthy and well on this Texas journey that won’t cost a thing. Hiking on the many trails that lead throughout the Texas Hill Country landscape, for one, exploring the beauty of our parks, including Charro Ranch Park and Veterans Memorial Park. Swimming in the pool behind your I Love Dripping Springs escape or mountain biking through Reimer’s Ranch Park; all of these activities can be beneficial to your health while keeping your vacation budget in the black.

The Peace You Need

Perhaps the most important way to enhance your health and wellness is simply by resting and relaxing in the comfortable and serene surroundings of your I Love Dripping Springs sanctuary. Sleep in late every morning, create healthy meals in our fully equipped kitchens, and be sure to raise a glass to the beauty of the Texas sunset every evening, remembering that the antioxidants in red wine will help keep you young. Reserve your favorite escape today!