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Some would say that the best part of vacation is visiting historic sites, relaxing in comfortable vacation homes, and getting the opportunity to explore world landmarks, but we at I Love Dripping Springs know that for most people (or at least the very hungry ones!) being able to enjoy a taste of the town is definitely one of the top reasons we vacation. An old Irish proverb states that “Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.” One of the world’s finest culinary pioneers, Auguste Escoffier, is known for saying that “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” This ultimate dining guide to the best restaurants in Dripping Springs will give travelers an epicurean tour of the town they will never forget. Dine your way through Dripping Springs and when the last crumb has been devoured, come home to our Texas sanctuaries to relax and revel in the afterglow of a truly excellent meal with these Dripping Springs dining options.

Start Out Each Day the Right Way

The doctors tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and while in Dripping Springs, the following list of restaurants obviously agree, paying great attention to the finer details of preparing breakfast for their guests.

Abby Jane Bake Shop, 16604 Fitzhugh Road Unit C

Open Thursday through Sunday from 8 AM until 3 PM (they open at 9 AM on Saturdays and Sundays) Abby Jane Bake Shop is well known for their quality baked goods made with stone milled heritage flours but is also proud to offer tasty quiches and wood fired pizzas on weekends, so if you are in the area on a Saturday or Sunday, be sure to drop by for pizza at lunch as well.

Oak Creek Café, 660 US-290

Oak Creek Café is one of those places that isn’t fancy, it just serves good country food. Open every day of the week from 8 AM until 8 PM on weekdays, they close at 2 on Saturdays and Sundays, and their menu is filled with the foods you may remember your grandmother making when you were just a child. Country skillets, chicken fried steaks, even a Tex Mex Menu with its Big Boy Burrito will ensure that no one leaves the restaurant feeling hungry.

Enjoy burritos and more when you enjoy Dripping Springs Dining

Break Up Your Day with Lunch at These Restaurants

As you hike through Texas Hill Country, shop in the stores on Mercer Street, and maybe take a road trip or two into Austin to experience more urban delights, the breakfasts you devoured will soon become a memory. Fortunately, our epicurean landscape contains a variety of restaurants in Dripping Springs that exist only to keep travelers and locals well fed and if our research is correct, you may find yourself returning time and time again simply because their meals will haunt your dreams in the best of ways.

Railroad BBQ, 1111 US-290 #3818

Texas is famous for its Tex Mex food, for its steaks, and, for Texas BBQ and Railroad BBQ provides a delicious example of the latter. Open every day of the week from 10:30 until 8 PM (they open at 11 AM on Sundays) their slow cooked meats are juicy and flavorful and their country sides will make your taste buds stand up and cheer.

Enjoy BBQ and more on the list of Dripping Springs Dining options

Hill Country Ranch Dining & Tavern, 598 US-290 #250

Sometimes all you want is a burger and a beer and Hill Country Ranch Dining & Tavern steps up to the plate when your journey brings you to Dripping Springs. Open every day from 11 AM until 9 PM (they stay open until 10 on weekends) the atmosphere is casual, the burgers are thick and juicy, and the beer is always cold and refreshing.

Restaurants Even Your Kids Will Love When the Dinner Bell Rings

One thing parents learn early on is that kids aren’t always the best behaved when taken out into public and because we can’t always choose not to do so, finding a family friendly restaurant, especially while on vacation, can be the best thing since sliced bread. These restaurants in Dripping Springs cater to families, providing menus that appeal to immature palates and understanding staff and patrons that will still like you and your kids, even if there are tears spilled and messes made.

Homespun Kitchen and Bar, 131 E Mercer Street

Even if your children tend to turn their noses up when offered new foods, the menus offered at Homespun are destined to entice them to spread their culinary wings. Open different hours every day of the week and offering delicacies that include catfish platters and steak burgers, the casual vibe of Homespun Kitchen and Bar will help your kids fit in and their selection of over 300 whiskeys will help parents truly relax.

Enjoy beer on your list of Dripping Springs Dining options

Turcotte Butchers & Delicatessen, 100 Commons Road Suite 9

It can be hard to ensure that our children eat healthy foods, especially as the bad stuff just tastes so darn good, but the farm to table foods served at Turcotte Butchers & Delicatessen will make you feel better about what they are eating. Open every day at 11 and closing at various times, their expansive menu of hot and cold sandwiches will appeal to everyone in your traveling party.

Something Fancy

Dripping Springs is a casual town, a place where people tend to dress simply and not put on airs, but there are times when a fancy meal makes us happy. Every special occasion is made more special with an excellent meal and the following restaurants, including our favorite in nearby Austin, always rise to the occasion being celebrated.

Tillie’s, 3509 Creek Road

Our hometown favorite has been the place to visit for special occasions almost since the first day it opened. Tillie’s, open every day of the week, provides a fine dining experience with expertly crafted food, drinks, and desserts, and their farm to table creations will make you wish you never had to take that last bite. Finish off your meal with their chocolate trio mousse and you will discover that dreams do come true!

Hestia, 607 W 3rd Street #105

A road trip to Austin is necessary for this super special establishment that is next on our list of fancy restaurants, but we think you will find that the extra driving time is definitely worth it. Hestia, open only for dinner, is closed on Mondays, offers an intimate upscale dining experience for which reservations are required. For the best meal of your life, we 100 percent recommend the Chef’s Tasting Menu featuring 13 courses of seasonal selections and when accompanied by the wine pairings, will be the meal you remember for the rest of your life.

The Kitchens That Feel Like Home

Home means different things to different people, but we can guess that most happy memories of home revolve around the kitchen which is why we take extra care to make our spaces special. Name-brand ranges, stone countertops, and that inexorable sense of cheer and family will make our guests feel at home, even as they are thousands of miles away from their own backyards. Not every meal has to be eaten at a local restaurant and when you spend your evening at home with I Love Dripping Springs you will create memories that will last a lifetime. Reserve your favorite escape today!