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Getting Around Dripping Springs

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Sometimes the most difficult part of any vacation is finding your way around the town you have chosen to land in for your journey, but I Love Dripping Springs has created ways to ease the transition from full-time employee to temporary relaxer! We make it our business to make your getaway the most fun it can be, and that includes coming up with ways to make your travel life easier. It all starts with this guide to Dripping Springs transportation!

Dripping Springs Public Transportation via CART Service

This is a small town with an estimated population of just under 5000, so Dripping Springs’ public transportation is going to be limited. However, the CART service, our country buses, do have a regular schedule and are a familiar site throughout the area! Serving a variety of counties, they offer an inexpensive way to get from point A to point Z, and for children who have never ridden what is basically an oversized van, they provide a unique experience they will thrilled to try! If you are wanting to try a day trip in Austin, however, the CART service does not provide direct routes and it can be expensive and time consuming, involving multiple transfers and a taxi ride!

Ride Share

Yes, Uber and Lyft are in Dripping Springs and are just as easy to utilize on vacation as they are at home, especially as you probably already have the apps uploaded to your smart phones! Simply put in your destination and wait for the nearest driver to pick up the trip and then wait some more as they come directly to your door. Remember, however, this is a small town and your wait times may be a little longer than what you are used to in the big city! The ride share services can be used for trips to Austin, it is only about 20 minutes away, and coming back at the end of your adventures will involve less waiting than with Dripping Springs transportation as there are definitely more drivers in Austin!

Your Own Two Feet

Of course, the most popular way of getting around our charming home town is courtesy of your own two feet! Walking through the meadows and wooded areas give you a new appreciation of the beauty of nature and spending your hours hoofing it from store to store promises to be your second favorite part of your vacation. Of course, your favorite part will be living in comfort and style in our I Love Dripping Springs vacation escapes; reserve yours today!