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Canyon Lake

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Summer adventures are often best accompanied by long days spent playing at the lake, swimming, water skiing, or simply enjoying the sights, sounds, and relaxation the lake can provide, and Canyon Lake may prove to be the one that steals your heart. The lake is a reservoir on the Guadalupe River, formed by the construction of the Canyon Dam, and is located only about 50 miles away from your Dripping Springs home in Texas Hill Country. It is an easy day trip, allowing guests to spend the day enjoying the lake and still arrive back home each evening to reap the benefits and comforts of your I Love Dripping Springs seasonal sanctuary.

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The Normal Activities at Canyon Lake

As you might expect, a day at the lake will be filled with fun, relaxation, and tranquility as you spend your time there doing what comes naturally! Read that book you have been carrying around with you under an umbrella as your other traveling partners swim and frolic in the surf. Just remember that there are no lifeguards at any of the beaches on Canyon Lake, so keep an eye out for your younger travelers. Jet skiing, waterskiing, canoeing, and kayaking are popular water activities, and because we are pretty sure you didn’t pack a canoe in your carry-on, there are many places around the lake that offer rentals, including Jetski Rentals at Canyon Lake and Suntex Watersports. There are many trails that lead around the reservoir and up or down the river, providing the opportunity for a hike, and if you choose to hike, keep an eye out for fossils. Something you may not have known is that Texas, and of course the Texas Hill Country, is known for its abundance of fossils and footprints, with some being hidden for over 111 million years!

canoeing touching water from a kayak

The Unusual (or Just Plain Spooky!)

Scuba diving is extremely popular in Canyon Lake TX, both for the normal reasons (sunken treasure in the form of cars, boats, or even motorcycles) and for one specific reason you may not expect. When the reservoir was being formed, some residents of the area were forced to leave their homes with just what they could carry with them, and when the waters were released, the two small towns of Crane’s Mill and Hancock were completely submerged, becoming underwater ghost towns!

No Water Damage Here

Whether you do or do not find the ghostly remains of the small towns lying deep beneath the surface of Canyon Lake TX, coming home to I Love Dripping Springs promises to be a completely dry and above water experience in comfort and style. Reserve your favorite today!