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Enchanted Rock

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Everyone deserves a little enchantment in their lives, and when you visit Enchanted Rock during your Texas Hill Country vacation, you get exactly what you need and so much more. This mountain of pink granite is the stuff of legends, rising above the countryside and providing a place to hike, explore, and dream as you stare at the stars in this Dark Sky Community. Located in nearby Fredericksburg just a short road trip away from your Dripping Springs abode, the granite dome has stood watch over this Texas town for thousands of years, (over 12,000 years if you want more concrete numbers!) and now is the time to see it for yourself.

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Enchanted Rock is Open Daily from 6:30 AM – 10 PM

The entrance gate does close at 8 PM, so be sure to get there earlier, even if you just want to check out what all the fuss is about. Enchanted Rock has been the center of interest in Fredericksburg for centuries, offering over 11 miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, and rock climbing adventures in the more recent century. Biking and swimming is not allowed at Enchanted Rock State Park, but as there is so much more to do here, we seriously doubt that you will miss what you can’t do!

The stories attributed to the rock involve lovestruck Indian maidens throwing themselves from the peak or damsels in distress being rescued by heroes who became the love of their lives. Early settlers talk about ghost fires and moaning stones, but today we understand that groaning and moaning is nothing more than granite settling as temperatures change. Today, the legends draw visitors from all over the world and as they camp, hike, or watch the stars in the night sky, so bright, so sharp, and so plentiful in an area that has been designated a Dark Sky Community.

History buffs are drawn to the stories the land tells, and with over 400 archeological sites to see, this Enchanted Rock State Park tells more than its fair share of stories; 120 of the sites are designated State Archeological Landmarks, giving visitors even more to explore and discover. Even the Texas Rangers have a story to tell, as one of their early compadres, Captain John (Jack) Coffee fought a legendary battle and lived to tell, thanks to the protection of Enchanted Rock!

Where Dreams Come True

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