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Top 5 Fancy Restaurants

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Vacations are times meant to do things you don’t do in your every day life. Visiting places you have never seen before, staying up past your bedtime knowing that you don’t have to get up early in the morning for work, and dining out at fancy restaurants are just a few of the things that make vacation life that much more special! This guide to the best of the best of fine dining Dripping Springs, the top five restaurants so fancy you might just have to pinch yourself to believe you are there, will help turn your ordinary vacation into an extraordinary getaway that gets better each night when you return home to the comfort of our I Love Dripping Springs sanctuaries!

Lutie’s Garden Restaurant, 4100 Red River Street in Austin

This cozy restaurant boasts a natural beauty, incredible views of gardens, and a menu that celebrates the ordinary! Featuring live plants that hang from a trellised ceiling, elegantly padded seating at the wood and marble topped bar, and a menu full of tasty options, your meal at Lutie’s Garden Restaurant will be one you never forget. The ingredients used in their dishes are often picked from the garden located just outside, giving every meal a fresh and healthy taste, and as you sample Texas Beef or Foie Gras Torchon, the attentive wait staff will be close by to ensure that you receive all the attention you need! If you manage to save room for dessert, we recommend you try their Beeswax Crème Carmel; one bite and you will never be satisfied with Chips Ahoy cookies for dessert again!

Le Vacher, 136 Drifting Wind Run Suite 101 in Dripping Springs

Blending the casual welcoming of Texas Hill Country with the sophisticated ambience of a fine French restaurant, Le Vacher offers a farm to table excitement that can be tasted in every bite of this fine dining Dripping Springs experience. Featuring local ingredients created with a French flair, dishes like Scallop St. Jacques or the surprisingly German Chicken Schnitzel will have your taste buds throwing a party! The scallops made with maitake mushrooms, corn coulis, roasted poblanos, and garlic streusel intermingle two nations with a kaleidoscope of flavors, and yet another nation enters the mix when you try the German Chicken Schnitzel made with Cornmeal Crust, roasted broccolini, royal trumpet mushrooms, pine nuts, and yuzu crème. And in what seems to be a trend we are starting here, you must save room for dessert if for no other reason than to try Le Vacher’s Midnight Tea Tart made with black tea namelaka, hazelnut sponge, black and blueberry jam, and spiced ginger ice cream!

Vince Young Steakhouse, 301 San Jacinto Boulevard in Austin

You may have heard that Texan cooks and chefs have a special talent when it comes to preparing the perfect steaks, and when you visit the Vince Young Steakhouse, you will soon determine that the rumors are absolutely correct! Featuring a menu designed to impress, this beef-centric dining spot does its job extremely well. Start with an appetizer of Roasted Bone Marrow, add a side of Crab Oscar to your Prime Porterhouse for two, and pair your favorite meat with a glass of silky red wine or a strong whiskey and your evening is guaranteed to be almost perfect. Hmm. There seems to be something missing from your Texas fine dining. Oh, right! Save room for dessert, because if you don’t sample their Forever Young chocolate cake topped with fudge icing, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce, you will regret it forever!

Jeffrey’s, 1204 W Lynn Street in Austin

Posh elegance and an insane talent of combining your favorite ingredients and making the outcome taste better than anything you have tried before puts Jeffrey’s very near the top of our top five list! This special spot is definitely the most expensive restaurant on our list, but it is the type of place that you visit when you really want something special, so it is definitely worth the added expense. Since you are here, why not go all out and test their caviar service? You may never have another meal like this ever again, so go all in and enjoy the experience! Featuring Gulf Snapper & Lump Crab en Papillote on the main menu, truffled deviled eggs on the appetizer menu, and a chocolate souffle on the dessert menu that is more than worth the 20-minute wait time, a night at Jeffrey’s will be one you never forget.

Texas Fine Dining: Red Ash, Colorado Tower, 303 Colorado Street #200 in Austin

This romantic spot offers a taste of Italy so authentic, you may be surprised when you step outside at the end of the meal and do not see the Leaning Tower of Pisa! A wood fire grill adds to the spice of the meal, and when you dig into dishes such as Papparadelle Alla Bolognese, you are going to want to forget that the words “keto diet” were ever on your tongue! Offering white clothed tables, well trained wait staff, and hot crème filled donuts that are about to become your new obsession, you will also soon discover that Red Ash earns its number one spot on our fancy restaurant list!

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