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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

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The Texas landscape is a blend of the beautiful, the bucolic, and the sublime, ensuring that every place you go during your Dripping Springs getaway promises to offer that perfect photo opportunity. You know the one that makes you gasp when you see it; print it out, and frame it, hanging it where you can see it every day for the rest of your life, and every time you look at that photo, hanging in a place of honor, you will smile to yourself as you remember the fun you had that day and find yourself wishing that you could go back to that moment. This guide to our top five favorite Dripping Springs sightseeing spots where the views are always gorgeous will ensure that every picture you take will be the best one you have ever taken!

North Capital of Texas Highway Scenic Overlook in Austin

For future information, wherever you are traveling, always take the time to stop off at scenic overlook spots. Generally marked by signs telling you that they are scenic views, the people that have placed those signs in those locations know what they are talking about—and yes, that includes the North Capital of Texas Highway Scenic Overlook we are discussing right now! Coming in at number five, only because it is in Austin, a few miles outside of Dripping Springs, the rolling hills, the tree-laden landscape, and the views of the tall buildings of Austin off in the distance make this spot one of our absolute favorites!

Deer Creek Lower Lake, Lake Shore Drive in Dripping Springs

As you walk along the meticulously groomed paths that amble alongside Deer Creek Lower Lake, our number four choice for the best views in the state, tall and majestic trees provide shade from the hot Texas sun and the peaceful tranquility of the area will feed your soul. This is where we come to catch a fish for dinner, enjoy a picnic with the kids, or to fall in love with views designed to take your breath away. Grab a book and sit at one of the picnic tables found along the paths, pull out your phone and take pictures of the sun setting over the landscape, or simply walk until the path brings you back to where you started. This spot right here will be one you never forget!

Sightseeing in Dripping Springs at The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, 4801 La Crosse Avenue in Austin

Nothing is as beautiful as a bed of flowers turning their faces to the sun as summer breezes give their leaves the appearance that they are waving at whomever walks by, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center actually offers 284 acres of happy flowers and plants. Walk through gardens of colorful wildflowers, pose in front of small waterfalls, and relax on benches, rocks, and walls specifically created to offer the perfect spots for photo opportunities in this amazing botanical center that takes our number three spot on the list of the most beautiful views! Taking a bad picture is almost impossible here, so hopefully you will have a lot of wall space at home; you are going to want to frame nearly all the shots taken at the Wildflower Center!

Milton Reimer’s Ranch Park, 23610 Hamilton Road in Dripping Springs

You would think that residents of Dripping Springs would at some point stop seeing the beauty that surrounds us everywhere we go, but we can assure you that never happens, especially when we visit places like Reimer’s Ranch Park. Offering hiking trails and biking trails, tree-lined paths that turn brilliant shades of crimson, gold, and plum in the fall, and also featuring granite cliffs that attract rock climbers in droves, this spot in the middle of Texas Hill Country is about as perfect as any natural location can be. Because it offers a little surprise (one we will be talking about next!), it easily has earned its number two spot on our list of top views for Dripping Springs sightseeing!

Hamilton Pool Preserve, 24300 Hamilton Pool Road in Dripping Springs

It takes a lot to reach the number one spot for sightseeing in Dripping Springs, especially as there is so much competition when it comes to views, but the natural springs fed pool at Hamilton Pool Preserve definitely deserves the top designation! Popular with swimmers, hikers, and rock climbers, the sheer beauty of the blue waters, the rocky cliffs, and the waterfall that rains down into the waters makes this one of the most popular areas in the state; reservations are needed to be able to swim here, and on busy days, the trails to the pool are often closed due to crowds.

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