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Top 5 Tourist Hot Spots

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It has been a long time since you were free to travel, and when you are out and about again, you want to make sure that you hit all the hot spots! You have been planning your Dripping Springs getaway for months, making lists of all you want to do and where you want to go. You have had your bags packed for at least a week in advance, and you have pored over the internet pictures of your I Love Dripping Springs sanctuary. There is nothing left to do but get on that plane and fly the beautiful skies to the great Southwest—but wait, are you 100% positive that you know everything there is to do in Dripping Springs? What if you miss something so fun, exciting, and important that when you return home and discover that you missed it, you will forever be sad that it did not make your list? This guide to the top five tourist hot spots in and around Dripping Springs, Texas will ensure that the only regret you will have at the end of your vacation is that it ever had to end!

Barber Shop Bar, 207 Mercer Street in Dripping Springs

Drinking an ice cold beer on a hot summer’s day is a pleasure that never gets tiring, but even we do it a little differently than most when the beer we drink comes from the fifth attraction on our list, the Barber Shop Bar! Formerly a garage in the 1920s, a gas station in the 1930s, a movie theater at some point in its existence, and of course, a barber shop prior to its current incarnation, the building in which the Barber Shop Bar is housed may have finally come into its own! Offering live music on Tuesdays and Saturdays and a pickers circle on Sundays, the convivial atmosphere and the 18 Texas-brewed craft beers on tap ensure that every moment spent inside the Barber Shop will be one you wish could go on forever. The history will attract you, but the beer, wine, and fun will bring you back to this Dripping Springs tourism destination again and again!

The Bats of Austin, Congress Avenue Bridge

Number four on our list of tourism in Dripping Springs hot post may sound a little unusual at first, but once you experience the stunning sight of thousands (by summer’s end, there will be over one million bats darkening the skies) of Mexican free-tailed bats flying off into the sunset, you will definitely understand! Every evening at sunset from early spring until late fall, the bats venture out for their nighttime shenanigans, creating a scene that has to be seen to be believed! People gather around the bridge, on the bridge, and even on the water to watch this free show, waiting until the last bat has disappeared into the night sky before carrying on with their regularly scheduled nighttime programs!

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company, 2530 West Fitzhugh Road

Amateur cooks and chefs from all over the country appreciate the wares of our number three hot spot, the Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company. Offering tastings, walking tours of the olive fields, and a gift shop filled with delicious wares, many visitors are surprised at how fascinating an olive oil factory can be! Also offering a venue room that is popular for rehearsal dinners and other special events, if you have come to the great state of Texas for a destination wedding, this might be something worth considering for your own rehearsal dinner!

LBJ Presidential Library, 2313 Red River Street

Followers of American history know that the 36th President of the United States hails from this area, and the LBJ Presidential Library, number two on our list, is located right next door in the city of Austin. Also doubling as a museum, the permanent exhibits include artifacts from the Civil Rights battles, the Vietnam War, and even some things from the fateful day that horrified our nation and made Lyndon B. Johnson the new President of the United States. Our favorite artifact, however, is the sleek and shiny presidential limousine that is parked in the main lobby of the library, offering a peek into the lifestyle of those who work in the highest office in the land!

Hamilton Pool Preserve, 24300 Hamilton Pool Road

Unlike any public pool you have ever visited and coming in at number one on our list of top five tourist hot spots, the Hamilton Pool is a natural swimming pool that was formed thousands of years ago, featuring emerald, green waters and a waterfall that will make the perfect backdrop for a romantic question that can’t be put off any longer. Swimming in these waters is a uniquely Texan activity requiring reservations in order to do so. You can also hike the preserve, enjoying the natural beauty of the Texas landscape, and if you do nothing else on this list, you must take the time on your tourism in Dripping Springs itinerary to visit the Hamilton pool!

Choose I Love Dripping Springs for Your Dipping Springs Tourism Needs

The time spent exploring the Texas countryside will give you some of the best memories of your life, especially when you choose I Love Dripping Springs for your vacation accommodations. Reserve your stay today!