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Top 5 Wildlife Watching Spots

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A Texas vacation is guaranteed to be an exercise in contrasts as you dine at haute cuisine restaurants and shop in elegant stores while also waking up to the sounds of birds greeting the day and hiking through landscapes that are green and lush or arid and desert-like. The natural side of Dripping Springs is one that you need in your life, and as you experience the quiet peace, the gorgeous views, and the overall beauty of the area, these top five wildlife watching spots will give you a quiet thrill. Birdwatching is a popular hobby in our little piece of the world, but if you are lucky, you may catch sight of other species of wildlife in Texas as you explore the great outdoors!

Charro Ranch Park, 22690 W FM150 in Driftwood

Located just a few miles outside of Dripping Springs, Charro Ranch Park was built to help visitors appreciate the wilder side of life, offering hiking trails, posted signs that tell you about the type of plants, bushes, and trees you are looking at, and bird viewing stations where feeders filled with bird seed entice the winged creatures to stop by. Because the birds like to gather around the feeding stations, you probably won’t need binoculars, but be sure to have your favorite birdwatching app on the ready to notate which new ones you have seen!

Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory, 2210 S FM 973 in Austin

This spot is one of the most popular bird watching spots in the region, but it is also one of the smelliest, as the waste-settling ponds that attract the birds emit a distinctive odor! If you can overlook the scents and aromas that waft through the air, however, you will hit the birding jackpot. This spot is home to shorebirds and waterfowl such as northern shoveler ducks, pectoral sandpipers, and upon occasion, the supersized turkey vultures! Hornsby Bend also has its own bird blind where you can watch for your favorites without interrupting their daily business.

See Texas Nature at Pedernales Falls State Park, 2585 Park Road 6026 in Johnson City

Your tour of the Hill Country must include a visit to Pedernales Falls State Park, which includes a bonanza of wildlife to potentially be viewed! From white tailed deer to wild turkeys to armadillos and a few varieties of snakes, including a few dangerous species (so be sure to watch your step), this beautiful state park offers everything that is wonderful about our great state! Bring your binoculars, your camera, and your best hiking shoes and plan on spending a few hours exploring this amazing section of land; the waterfalls are especially beautiful and at sunset attract even more wildlife.

Colorado River Park Wildlife Sanctuary, 5827 Levander Loop in Austin

Known for its hiking trails, its breathtaking landscape, and for being home to a large variety of wildlife creatures, the Colorado River Park Wildlife Sanctuary is not far from your own I Love Dripping Springs vacation sanctuary. The protection provided at this park is giving hope for endangered species that may include salamanders, toads, and whooping cranes, and the photo opportunities you will experience will ensure that your walls of your own house will be lined with naturally beautiful pictures! There are no public restrooms in this bastion of wildlife protection, however, so plan accordingly, and remember to bring back what ever you take in and leave the Texas nature as pristine as you first encountered it to be.

Congress Avenue Bridge at Sunset in Austin

If you know anything about Austin, chances are the one place that stood out in your mind was the Congress Avenue Bridge, where thousands up to millions of bats can be spotted every day at sunset! The free-tailed Mexican bats make their home under the arches of this beautiful bridge, sleeping while you are shopping, eating, and exploring the wonders of Austin. When the sun begins to stretch, these diminutive creatures (they grow to less than two inches in length) swarm out from under the bridge to spend their nights seeking sustenance! Loved for their hearty appetites for our least favorite blood suckers, the mosquitoes, we Austinites have come to realize that the sight of the swarm flying out from under their home each night is one we never tire of! There are even bat tours you can take part in, including bat cruises on Lady Bird Lake, and in mid-August the Bat Fest celebrates the humble creature, offering food, music, and local artists and craftspeople selling their works dedicated to this unique slice of wildlife in Texas!

Gentle Adventures

Depending on which of our I Love Dripping Sanctuaries you have chosen to make yours during your Texas getaway, the chances of experiencing your own gentle wildlife adventures can happen without ever leaving the property! Sit out on your deck at sunset, sipping wine and staying quiet, and see just how much of the wild comes out to play. Reserve your stay with us today!